Guide to Tipping Your House Cleaners

Guide to Tipping Your House Cleaners

Hiring professional housecleaners has been proven to have helped many house owners keep their houses clean and organized all the time. Because of this, they are able to focus on doing the tasks that requires more attention and end up with more productive outcomes. However, just like any service-oriented job, one of the most common question that people are still debating over revolves around giving tips. Despite the housecleaning rate (or hourly), is it necessary to tip house cleaners? If so, how much should be given to them?

Well, technically, there is no cut-and-dry answer to this question. It falls in a gray area. However, there are general etiquette and considerations that can be utilized when planning to tip or not.

To Tip or Not to Tip?

Well, the discretion is all yours to make. Whether you give or not, your housecleaners will still keep your home clean and organized. They are still going to sweep, mop, wipe, and vacuum. They would meticulously check every area and leave them spotless as how you want it to be. Tipping is not necessary. But if you are totally happy with the service rendered to you, it’s not bad to show some appreciation.

How and How Much to Tip?

So that you’ll be guided properly, here’s a short guide on tipping your housecleaners.

• Traditional approach

The traditional approach deals with having to hire housecleaners on your own either for one time or regular cleaning. According to some professionals, giving 10$ to 20$ is already a good range. However, if you have hired a regular housecleaner, you don’t actually need to give tip after every cleaning service. You may choose to put it all together and give it as a cash incentive or bonus by the end of the year. Through this, you can express your appreciation and gratitude to your housecleaner for a job well done.

• Agency approach

When you hire housecleaners from agencies, it becomes a little more difficult to tips given the fixed amount provided for the service. However, there are some agencies that actually give a minimal salary to their housecleaners that is why giving tips to those cleaners allows them to make a bit extra. The good rule of the thumb is in between $10 – $20. But just like any other services, it’s always up to you whether to give or not.

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• “Uber” approach

Seeing the growing needs of their housecleaners, some agencies take the responsibility of giving them the credits they deserve for doing well on their respective tasks. This is why some agencies are very strong with their “No Tipping Policy”. This is because instead of asking tips from house owners, agencies have already increased the rate of their services to give more than the minimum required salary for housecleaners.

• Alternative approach

There is an alternative approach to tipping that does not require money. In fact, to show appreciation, some homeowners choose to give gifts instead of cash to their housecleaners. There are those who give cookies, garments, and wines in return for a very good service. Others settle with movie pass, theme park tickets, or gift certificates. But of course, a simple “thank you” note is also a great way to express gratitude for a job well done.

Again, tipping is not required. It would always be up to you on how you will express you gratitude to those people who willingly help you clean and organize the things in your home.

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