The Magic of Toothbrush When House Cleaning

The Magic of Toothbrush When House Cleaning

What are the cleaning tools that you usually use when cleaning the house? Sponge? Microfiber cloth? Dusters? Vacuums? Well, while these have been proven effective, one of the most effective, underrated tool when cleaning actually sits in your bathroom – the toothbrush.

Your humble old toothbrush may have retired from cleaning your mouth but it can still be of great use when house cleaning. Those thick bristles can easily maneuver around those tight spaces that you have to clean. Check these marvelous list to know the magic of toothbrush when housecleaning:

1. Stove tops and stove knobs

While it looks easier to clean stove tops and stove knobs, when oil and food have splattered on them, they become difficult to clean. Don’t worry though because your toothbrush can easily navigate through the tight spots not missing any speck of grease or dirt on the area. For the grime that built on the stove, simply apply dishwashing liquid on your brush then make circular motions to remove away the dirt. Rinse and wipe with cloth after.

2. Faucets

It’s not directly visible to the eyes but mildew and bacteria can actually grow on your faucets. To void this, simply use your toothbrush then put a mixture of soap and water on it. Brush behind and around the base of your faucet to thoroughly clean the area.

3. Grout

Freshen up the look of the grout in between tiles by using toothbrush! Scrub away the dirt, mildew, and grime using the combined power of bleach and water or hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Apply it on the grout, allow to sit for a few minutes before removing the stains and dirt with your toothbrush. Of course, make sure to rinse after.

4. Hairdryer vents

Your hairdryer’s not working as great as before? Probably there are lint that have been caught in the vent that’s why the motor’s no longer doing a great job. Well, use your mighty toothbrush to clean those mess up!

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5. Velcro

It’s somehow irritating to see all those hair and lint stuck on house materials with velcro. Get rid of them by simply brushing them off. The bristles of the toothbrush really do a great job with this.

6. Upholstery and carpet stains

Don’t get drained trying to solve that problem on upholstery and carpet stain. Your toothbrush can really do a good job in removing those stains. Simply apply pressure to the stain, scrub in circular motion to loosen, then repeat the procedure until it’s done.

7. Crayon on the wall

In case your kids have been cultivating their creativity by using their crayons on your wall, do not panic. You can easily remove crayon marks on walls by putting shaving foam or toothpaste on those crayon marks. Scrub the surface using the toothbrush then wipe with paper towel after.

8. Sinks and drains

The mighty toothbrush is highly recommended in cleaning your sinks and drains. Knowing that a lot of gunk and mildew can easily get up on those areas, the toothbrush can be the best tool to rub them off.

And there’s a whole lot more that your old, seemingly useless toothbrush can do. You just have to be meticulous on those tiny spaces where stains and dirt might stay.

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