Top 5 House Cleaning Agents that Will Keep Your Home Clean

Top 5 House Cleaning Agents that Will Keep Your Home Clean

There are so many cleaning products sold all over the internet, advertised on TV, and showcased on billboards but do you really need all of them? Sometimes, we get too seduced with the idea of the use of these products that we end up buying things which are unnecessary. So, before you begin that long overdue housecleaning plan, allow us to help you come up with house cleaning supplies list in order to keep organized and become more efficient in all household chores.

Here are the 5 Secret Agents in house cleaning that will guarantee to offer echo friendly cleaning solution & to make your work faster, feel better, and home environment cleaner!

1. Vacuum cleaner

When it comes to versatility, nothing could beat vacuums for that task. Not only that it can suck the dirt from your rugs and floors, it’s also capable of getting all the dusts in your wall! No wonder, a lot of experts expressed the importance of vacuum cleaners for sweeping and dusting the whole house as it is more efficient and more accurate that those overly priced household materials.

2. Toothbrush

What?! Yes. Without you knowing it, your old toothbrush is actually the most effective solution to those discoloured little rigs around your sink or that yellowish dirt in between tiles or around the window. When mixed with soap and baking soda, prepare yourself for a real surprise because that bruch can really do magic!

3. Vinegar

Breathe in. You’ve read it right. This multipurpose product has been doing a great job in getting rid of the foul odour in every room of the house, cutting the grease, and making those glasses shinier! A lot of home owners and experts have been recommending the use of this product as it can totally transform the dirtiest and most hopeless part of the house into something more liveable to stay.

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4. Microfiber cloth (scrub pads)

Want an eco-friendly solution to your seemingly unending wastes after home cleaning? Then the microfiber cloth is the one for you! As it is absorbent, it is guaranteed to clean not only the dirt but as well as all those liquid scattered around the house. Moreover, it can absorb up to eight times as its weight! With the use of microfiber cloth, you are sure to save a lot of money from buying all those disposable rags and mops.

5. Spray Bottles

Have you noticed that the more you dunk your rag into your bucket of water when cleaning, the dirtier the place becomes? It would absolutely end up that way because after dunking the dirty rug to the water, you have already contaminated the bucket of water with dirt. To avoid this, experts suggest to make use of spray bottles and transfer your solutions into them so that you will be able to save the mixture as well as money.

Of course, you can add those materials that have proven their worth all through your house cleaning journey. But in case you want to save a lot, make the most of the items listed above and rest assured that you are already in the right track for that cleaner home environment you have been dreaming to have.

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