Unbelievable Cleaning Resolutions for the Most Time-Wasting Cleaning Problems

Unbelievable Cleaning Resolutions for the Most Time-Wasting Cleaning Problems

By just looking at the things around the house, you’ll know that there is too much that needs to be done. Housecleaning is endless – this thought alone makes housecleaning terribly discouraging at first glance. However, if you learn to put a little ounce of passion and creativity, housecleaning can actually be fun, quick, and easy to manage. Read on to know how.

To solve the seemingly endless routines of housecleaning, spend less time in cleaning, and save more money here are a few slew of cleaning hacks that will absolutely make your life easier!

1. Use chalk in removing greasy fingerprints on walls

Having kids around the house can be a little challenging when cleaning. Keep your walls as spotless as possible by using white chalk, cloth, and a little water in removing greasy fingerprints and other oily stains. You just need to simply cover the stains with white chalk, let it settle for a few minutes, and then wipe the chalk using damp cloth, and voila! The stains and great fingerprints are gone!

Extra Tip: You may also use cornstarch or Johnson’s powder as replacement for white chalk but for a more convenience chalk is way more manageable to use.

2. Maximize the use of silica gel in keeping things dry

We often see silica gel in a number of products we buy. Do not throw them. Neither eat them! These little beads of silica gel are actually very excellent in keeping things dry by absorbing the moisture inside the container. You can maximize the use of these gels by placing them on your jewelry box to keep those silver pieces from corroding and tarnishing!

3. Clean your graters with potatoes

Wait, what?! Yes, you’ve read it right. You can maximize the use of potatoes in cleaning the crevices of your grater. The potatoes are hard enough to slough away the cheese and are easy to rinse. Do not lose your sanity in attempting to remove those cheese and exerting too much energy on cleaning them. Make the most of Mr. Potato!

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4. Bleach your cutting boards

Food preparation should always, always be kept sanitize. You may have made the kitchen spotless but did you know that a great number of bacteria have been invading your working station? Yes. On those cutting boards! But worry no more as you can easily sanitize it by just soaking them in a bleach solution. Just mix two teaspoons of bleach to a gallon of water for plastic boards and two tablespoons of bleach per gallon for wooden boards. Do not soak them for a long time. Just a couple of minutes will do then you can rinse them thereafter.

5. Clean your blender in as easy as 123

Blenders have become a favorite item for most household owners because of their great use. However, despite its use, cleaning it can be a little nasty and stressful much more if you are pressed with time. Good thing we discovered a little trick to quickly clean it –by simply filling it with warm water, adding a few drops of dishwashing soap, blending it for a few seconds, and rinsing it after. Easy right? Now you don’t have to stress yourself early in the morning just because you’re having a hard time cleaning your blender!

You see, housecleaning is tough. But it could become a little more interesting and less stressful if you can try these life hacks.  Just be a little more creative and optimistic. After all, a clean house speaks so much of the owner.

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