KEEP IT CLEAN: How often you should wash your sheets and linens?

KEEP IT CLEAN: How often you should wash your sheets and linens?

Truth be told: laundry is not something that most of us look forward of doing. But just like most of the things that need to be accomplished when housecleaning, it is a must. While we usually prioritize the clothes we wear, the things around the house also need to be washed. When was the last time you’ve washed the blankets? Throw pillows? Curtains? Carpets? Once a month? Once a year?!

Most experts would recommend washing the sheets, linens, and other types of cloth in the house once a week. But considering the work that needs to be done and all the demands ask of you by work, family, and social circle, washing everything would be a total struggle. So, here’s the deal: schedule the washing and take note of the best time to clean them. It might be difficult at first, but once you get the hold of it, you’d become more motivated to keep the cleanliness of your home.

• Sheets (at least once a week)

In order to remove the buildup of debris, dust, and sweat, sheets must be washed at least once a week. To make sure that all the germs are extinguished, use hot water and hot dryer cycle.

• Mattress (twice a year)

Don’t be afraid of cleaning your mattresses; it’s one of the easiest to clean. Plus, you would only need to clean it every six months. Simply vacuum the top of the mattress using an upholstery attachment then remove the stain by wiping the surface with lightly dampened cloth.

• Bed pillows (every three months)

Bed pillows must be washed often as there are 16 species of fungi found on studies that can live in an average pillow used by every human being. To ensure the cleanliness of the space you are sleeping, wash the pillows as often as possible by simply using the washing machine. It is highly recommended to use hot water and liquid detergent to effectively remove stains and dust.

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• Bath towels (every week)

After three to five uses, bath towels must be washed to keep it from smelling. In addition, towels that are used for workouts need to be washed more often.

• Rugs (as often as possible)

The more the rugs are used, the more that it should be cleaned. You may simply vacuum or shake it outside to remove the dust and dirt. However, a thorough cleaning should be done from time to time.

• Shower curtains (once a month)

To keep mildew from forming, fabric shower curtains must be washed monthly. In order to clean plastic liners, simply spray it with diluted vinegar solution, allow it to sit, before rinsing. In case the mildew has already formed on fabric shower curtains, you may maximize the use of washing machine with extra hot water.

• Carpet (once a year)

The moment you decide to do a general cleaning, you’ll find out upon removing pieces of furniture that your carpet badly needs deep cleaning. To keep of the dust and maintain the color of the carpet, simply apply steam cleaning procedures. Vacuum the carpet to remove surface dirt then spray cleaning solutions directly into the rug. Finally, run the cleaner over the carpet with the use of clear water.

We understand that you are very busy but given the number of hours spent on these sheets and linens, it is probably time to notice them. After all, a clean home is a happy home.

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