Ways To Keep Your House Clean In Los Angeles With Dogs At Home

dog at home

Anyone who has a pet at home will agree that their favorite animal is not just the cutest, but they also make a lot of mess. But you usually tend to overlook the mess because of their forgiving eyes and the way they behave around you. However, you cannot leave your Los Angeles home in a mess every time. So, the best thing to do is get in touch with a company that offers house cleaning services, knowing that there are pets at home.

Hire Professionals Instead Of DIY

So far, you have always cleaned your house alone. But it’s a different ball game when there are pets around. You not only have to keep the house clean but also make sure that the pets are safe during the cleaning process. If you don’t have that experience or the cleaning tools, you will find many companies offering house cleaning in Los Angeles. Here are a few things they do to keep pets safe and also clean your home quickly:

  1. They come with vacuum systems that have HEPA filtration. This helps to remove as much as 99% pet dander and allergens. So, the pet, you and your family will not have to worry about bacteria and pollen in and around the house.
  2. Clumps of pet hair usually find their way under beds and couches. It is tough to clean those spots if you are alone. But the professionals come with a cleaning team. They can lift the furniture and fixtures to clean everything thoroughly.
  3. They use pet-safe cleaning products to make sure that your animals don’t feel itchy later. With eco-friendly cleaning solutions used by the cleaners, both your pet and your kids will remain safe.
  4. Pets can bring a lot of dust and dirt into the house with their paws. That is why cleaners are extra cautious while dusting. They cover every nook and corner of your home to ensure there is no dust lying around.
  5. Apart from dusting and removing pet hair, the cleaning team can also disinfect toilets, wipe and clean kitchen cabinets, make beds, and hand-scrub hard floors.

If you have pets at home, you should hire professional home cleaning in Los Angeles. They have the experience to clean homes using advanced cleaning solutions and tools which you may not have. You not only get a professional service but also save a lot of money in the long run.

Response to COVID-19
Maggy Maid Referral Agency continues to offer an essential service by referring experts to help our customers with household disinfecting and home sanitizing.

To protect customers and our referred house cleaners, we are:

1. Relaying regulations to the referred cleaners, like wearing masks and gloves.

2. Corresponding with house cleaners and the customers. In case of illness, we are available to cancel appointments or make appointment changes.

3. Customers and referred cleaners are requested to make us aware of any illness to eliminate the spread of Covid-19.

4. Monitoring updates from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in regards to safety and regulations.

5. Conforming to city and state regulations within our industry.

6. Offering Customers ability to log in to our website and self-serve cancel appointments at any time, and the referred house cleaners can do the same. This gives customers and house cleaners ultimate control, even when our office is closed.
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