How To Clean Under The Stove Spotlessly

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One of those chores that seems to slip through the cracks is the task of cleaning under the stove. Even though you might find a graveyard of crumbs, macaroni, Monopoly money, and who knows what else under the ground, a yardstick can only get out so much. In reality, it is not as hard as it would seem. You can easily clean it even without the aid of a professional service provider of house cleaning in Artist District. However, in case you have a very hectic schedule, hiring a professional wouldn’t be a bad idea to perform these steps if you don’t have the time:

  • Remove the bottom drawer from the oven.

Deep cleaning below your oven should be simple if it has a removable bottom drawer. Begin by removing any cookie sheets, roaster pans, and other odd items from the basement. Place them aside.

Note: If your oven’s bottom drawer isn’t removable, skip to step 10.

  • Pull the drawer out by lifting it.

When the drawer is empty, gently push it upwards and bring it toward you. This should free it from the roller track and allow you to remove it from the stove altogether. Remove the drawer from the room.

  • Taking out the Warming Drawer (If You Have One)

Before attempting to remove a warming drawer from your oven, turn off the electricity. Pull the drawer completely out and locate the locking levers on either side after the power has been turned off. Lift the right lever while pressing down on the left lever until the drawer opens. Remove it from the equation and set it aside.

Note: According to Los Angeles Maid Services, if this method does not work for your oven model, consult the user manual for instructions.

  • Remove any large food items, trash, or debris.

You should have unfettered access to the floor space underneath after removing the drawers. Pick up any large pieces of food, trash, or long-lost game pieces by hand and dispose of them.

  • Remove any remaining dirt and crumbs with a vacuum.

Then, for an ultra-satisfying pass, grab your vacuum cleaner and suck up dirt, crumbs, and dust. Remember to strike the gap between the oven’s rear and the wall.

  • Clean around and under the stove with an all-purposecleaner.

Spray the entire area with an all-purpose cleaner once you’ve removed all of the debris. Allow it to soak in for a few minutes to release any stuck-on filth.

  • Make a bucket of soapy, hot water.

Fill a pail with hot water and either dish soap or an all-purpose cleaner to clear up any residual spills. Then, with your scrub brush or wash rag, go to town until every surface is spotless. As needed, re-dip into clean water.

  • Thoroughly dry the area

Allow the area to dry thoroughly after deep cleaning it. Use a clean, dry cloth to speed up the process. While you’re waiting, clean out your oven or polish your glass stovetop.

  • Install the Drawers Again

Reinstall the drawers you removed once everything is clean and dry. Replace the rollers on the tracks and slip them back in with minimal pressure. Wipe these down if necessary before reinstalling them on the tracks.

  • Without Removable Drawers, Clean Under an Oven

Don’t worry if you don’t have any drawers to remove; you can still do deep cleaning of the bottom of your oven. Grab each side and slowly drag it back and forth until you can reach behind it.

  • Shut off/unplug the supply and unplug the stove.

Unplug the stove after that. Turn the gas valve to the “off” position if it’s a gas stove. Shut off the gas supply at your meter if there isn’t an appliance shut-off valve. After that, remove the gas line from the oven.

  • Slide the Oven Out the Remaining Distance

After you’ve disconnected everything, grab both sides of the oven and pull it away from the wall as far as you can. It may be necessary to gently wriggle it from side to side, but do not tilt, rock, or force it out.

  • Go through steps 4 through 8.

Start by removing large bits of food and trash, just as you would for an oven with detachable drawers. Using your vacuum cleaner, clean up the remaining debris and carefully clean and dry the surface.

  • Put the oven back in place and reconnect its power supply.

Reattach the supply lines and turn them back on if necessary once everything is gleaming and pristine. Then, gently move the oven back into place after plugging it in. You’re finished! Bake a batch of congratulatory cookies and take a well-earned break after that long day of deep cleaning.

If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you may need help from a professional service provider of house cleaning in Artist District. Contact Maggy Maid, the leading cleaning services in Los Angeles area.


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