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It should be noted that if you live in an older home that has recently undergone renovations, you should be aware of one unfortunate but unavoidable side effect: lead particles in the air. Dust may accumulate in your residence that contains lead. It is possible for lead paint chips and dust to be released into the air when a contractor cuts or saws an old house, or when a contractor undergoes demolition work on an older home. Therefore, if you are concerned that lead particles may be circulating in your home or if you prefer to be safe than sorry, here are some tips from professionals in House Cleaning in Beverly Hills about how to do proper cleaning to get rid of lead dust.

If you suspect lead dust, take precautions.

If you suspect that lead dust is circulating in your home, you should be cautious as lead poisoning can lead to serious health problems, particularly in young children.

There are no acceptable blood lead levels for children, even minimal exposure should be taken care of if you have small children at home. It’s probably advisable to keep your kids or family out of the house while contractors fix the problem. You may hire a maid to do the cleaning after.

Clear the area and collect dust samples.

Deep cleaning the house cannot guarantee a lead-free home. Bringing in a professional dust sample technician to evaluate the level of lead in your house is the greatest approach to put your mind at ease. To verify if your home is safe, they will do a visual and series of dust wipe tests, as well as seek unexpected sources of lead in your home.

Even if you merely suspect lead dust, it’s probably advisable to start here because it will help you build a strategy for moving forward.

When it comes to buying a property, homes built before 1978 are subject to separate lead restrictions. Learn about them and ask the correct questions when a professional comes to your home.

Examine and clean the newly renovated area

If a lead dust problem is discovered during an inspection, you can either engage a professional housekeeping services to manage the problem (if necessary) or do small clean-ups yourself.

The most likely source of lead dust in your home is in or around the area you’ve just refurbished. Remove any lead paint chips or visible lead fragments that may have remained. Consider employing the following to reduce your exposure during cleanup:

  • An extra pair of gloves
  • Clothing with long sleeves and pants
  • A garbage bag
  • A pair of glasses

The EPA’s lead paint removal safety rules vary frequently, so familiarize yourself with them first or your maid.

Vacuum with a HEPA filter

In a number of contexts, HEPA vacuums (HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air) employ a pleated filter to remove allergens, poisons, and chemicals from the air. To help suck up any excess lead dust in your home, purchase or rent a HEPA filtered vacuum.

HEPA filters are certified to capture 99.7% of all particles in the air. Run it slowly across carpets and surfaces to remove as much lead dust from fabrics as possible.

Remember that no vacuum cleaner can completely eliminate all lead dust from your home. After you’ve done deep cleaning your house, a clearance evaluation is the most reliable way to test for lead.

Clean Household Items

It is also necessary to clean any home goods that may have come into touch with the lead. For counters, doors, and handles, a mixture of household detergent and water (1 teaspoon detergent per cup of water in a spray bottle) is a suitable ratio.

Keep two piles when deep cleaning to guarantee that any things that come into contact with lead dust end up on the contaminated site.

Floors and furniture should be cleaned.

After suspected lead exposure, sofas, floors, and absorbent fabrics on walls or ceilings (such as tapestries) should all be cleaned. Effective surface wipes and lead dust cleaning solutions are available from Fiberlock and D-Lead.

Contaminated Items and Cleaning Supplies Should Be Disposed Of

Seal cleaning items are used to remove lead dust in a trash bag to ensure you get all of the excess lead dust out of your home. Remodeling debris and items that have come into contact with lead-based paint can be disposed of as general waste and safely disposed of in a landfill.

When in question about lead dust, call a professional. While lead exposure (in small amounts) may not be dangerous to adults, it’s always best to be safe than sorry when children are involved. If you need help, contact the best house cleaning in Beverly Hills, Maggy Maid Maid Services of Los Angeles.


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