Quick and Easy Room Cleaning Tips

mopping the floor in a house cleaning

We all want to relax after a tough day in a clean and pleasant room after we have slogged through a long day. Although peering down at clutter and dust can be overwhelming, it can be difficult to know where to begin. For this reason, Maggy Maid, the best house cleaning in Beverlywood compiled a list of eight quick cleaning tips in order to give your place a gleaming shine.

1. Make a Strategy

Prior to starting your renovation, it’s a good idea to schedule a quick clean that takes less than 20 minutes in case you don’t want to hire a maid or housekeeper.

Cleaning should be focused on your most important areas.
If necessary, gather all of your supplies in advance, including trash bags, storage baskets, bins, and boxes, as well as a vacuum cleaner, broom, and mop.
If you want to push yourself, set a timer. This will help you tidy your room quickly.

2. Make a Quick Sweep

It is a good idea to get a large garbage bag. There is no need to wait for your maid to clean the house or for the deep cleaning day to come. If possible, include in your routines the disposing of dirty clothing in the hamper and emptying the trash container.

Get rid of all of the rubbish in the room and remove all broken items. Make sure all broken objects have been removed from underneath the bed and behind the dresser.

3. Hang Clothes in the Closet Again

Make sure that you collect any clean clothes that are lying around your room and make sure that they are neatly folded or hung in your closet.

Keep your closet doors open so you can dust, vacuum, sweep, and mop quickly when you’re done with your quick clean. This procedure will aid in the removal of any musty scents that have accumulated in your closet.

4. Clear the Furniture and the Floor

Congested furniture and floors are one of the main causes of a cluttered room. Place all bulky goods in a bag or storage box that takes up too much space in your room. You can decide whether or not to move these objects to a different location in your home later with the help of your maid if you have one, cleaning experts in House Cleaning in Beverlywood added.

5. Organize Your Things

It is important that everything on your shelves, nightstands, and dressers look neat and organized.

Rearrange your belongings as quickly as possible—place miscellaneous items in storage bags or boxes to be reorganized later. During this phase, you may wish to move your cosmetics, brushes, and personal hygiene products to the bathroom. This will be another excellent opportunity to utilize storage bins.

6. Prepare your bed

Making your bed is the quickest way to make your room look clean—it will look and feel fresh right away. You won’t have time to wash sheets or change your bedding, but it will make a significant impact. You may ask your housekeeper for a regular bedding change.

7. Vacuum and Dust Your Room

Clean the tops of high-touch areas including dressers, nightstands, the headboard, mirrors, and shelves with a duster and a damp microfiber cloth. If you have time, run your cloth down the baseboards to collect dust.

Finally, mop, vacuum, or sweep. You’ll most likely only have time for one, and you won’t be able to move furniture or reach difficult-to-reach locations. You may leave them for a deep cleaning day with your maid. Nonetheless, the cleanliness of the exposed areas will amaze your visitors.

8. Keep your room tidy and clean.

You’ll want to keep your room tidy now that it’s sparkling clean. Make a practice of including a daily cleaning checklist in your routine. Make the bed and return any items—clothes, books, chargers, etc.—to their proper places in the closet, hamper, or shelves.

It is very important that you include these basic cleaning tasks as part of your daily routine in order to maintain a quiet and pleasant environment to which you will enjoy returning each day.

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