House Cleaning Tips After Home Renovation

house cleaning after renovation

Now that your house is done with all the renovation processes, the next thing you need to do is to clean up, of course. Tidying up after house renovation is quite tiring and stressful. Even though your contractor did some clean-up, it’s always necessary to clean thoroughly before you can completely move in. That is why Maggy Maid the best house cleaning in Brentwood will provide us with some safe housekeeping tips that you can follow.

Keep on reading this article from Brentwood Maid Service to know more about the tools you may use as part of your cleaning and why post-renovation cleaning is a must and should be part of your top priority.

Health Risks of Construction Dust

It is important to keep in mind that prolonged exposure to dust can have a serious negative effect on your health. Most renovation projects involve sanding or sawing of wood, tile, or drywall. So consistent exposure to those can cause respiratory problems and can also cause allergy symptoms.

You can talk to your contractor about the post-cleaning procedure for your homes but if you think that this job requires help from professionals, you may consider hiring a maid service for you.

Before proceeding with the housekeeping process, please make sure that you do not have any respiratory health concerns or if you are sensitive to dust. If you have an existing or past respiratory health concern, it is best to hire some professional cleaners that can do the work for you.

But if you are sure that you are perfectly healthy and you can guarantee that you will not develop any allergies in the future, you can do the cleaning yourself. But, we recommend that you wear the following protective equipment to prevent acquiring illnesses in the future, House Cleaning in Brentwood added.

  • Goggles that will protect and cover your eyes
  • A high-grade N95 face mask
  • High-quality rubber gloves (to protect you from chemicals)

Tools for Clean-up

If your house is too big, you may need to rent some equipment so it will be easier for you to clean the area. Some professional cleaners rely on vacuums most of the time. It can handle larger pieces of debris and dust.

Here are the lists of helpful tools that you can bring if you’re going to do the post-renovation cleaning:

  • Broom or Long-handled duster
  • Wet-dry vacuum
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Plastic Sheeting

If you have already completed the tools, it’s time to get the cleaning started.

  • If there are parts of your home that were not affected by the renovation, seal them using plastic sheeting. You can even cover the doorway to avoid spreading the dust all over them. You may also cover the furniture with plastic sheeting.
  • Start by dusting all the elevated areas by using the long-handled duster. Then, use the microfiber cloth to wipe those areas within your reach. Please expect that this can take a lot of time because you’ll need to dust the ceiling, windows, and door trim. Don’t forget to include the hard surface areas, too.
  • Lastly, use the wet-dry vacuum to remove the dust thoroughly. Just to be sure, don’t do it in one pass, you may need to vacuum the area again. Make sure to carefully watch for nails, splinters, and debris from drywall. It can be easily overlooked and missed by construction personnel when cleaning.

Now that you know the post-cleaning process of a renovated home, you can follow the following steps in the future. It is also understandable that it is an intense housekeeping procedure and you may find it hard to fulfill it.

If you think you cannot do these on your own, it is always best and safe to hire maid service companies to do that for you. You can put your mind at ease knowing that they will ensure safe and excellent results when it comes to cleaning. If you are planning to do a house renovation and you want to get post-cleaning services, you may contact Maggy Maid the best House Cleaning in Brentwood to help you! They have high reputation of referring house cleaners with exceptional house cleaning in Los Angeles and its neighborhoods.


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