Daily Bathroom Cleaning Tips

bathroom house cleaning tips

Are you interested in knowing the best way to clean your bathroom in just five minutes a day? In order to provide the best housekeeping services, Maggy Maid, the leading house cleaning in Century City compiled a list of the essentials for interior house cleaning, more specifically for bathroom cleaning that can be done in the time it takes to prepare a cup of coffee in the morning. Check off all the items on the list prepared by Century City Maid Service every day in order to keep your bathroom as clean and pristine as possible between deep cleanings.

1. Stock up on cleaning supplies for the bathroom.

First and foremost, gather the necessities for your bathroom. You’ll be more inclined to clean your bathroom throughout the day if you have basic cleaning materials in your bathroom.

You have no excuse not to complete these simple bathroom cleaning checklist items now that you have the necessities. Every day, check your stock to ensure you have what you need and that your towels are clean.

2. Maintain an Orderly Environment

The use of trays, baskets, and other organizing gadgets can help to give everything a home since we keep a lot of stuff in the bathrooms, from makeup to hair care items to oral hygiene items.

Having designated areas on the counter, under the sink, and in the shower will help keep your bathroom from being cluttered. If you don’t have a cleaning lady and you have youngsters who tend to leave items out or “forget” where they go, this is a must.

3. After each use, clean your sink

It may seem strange that a sink needs to be rinsed after each use, but it is true. Taking the time to rinse out any leftover toothpaste, hair, or filth in your bathroom sink after each use, even if it’s simply with water, is one of the simplest ways to make your bathroom look and feel cleaner.

Then, every few days, thoroughly clean your sink to remove any germs or dirt that has accumulated.

4. Wipe Down Your Counters

Throughout the day, your bathroom counters are bombarded with grime, whether it’s dust, makeup, hairspray buildup, or more—especially if more than one person uses the space. And, depending on your countertop’s design, you might not even see how filthy it is until it’s too late.

To keep your bathroom vanity appearing and smelling clean, house cleaning in Century City suggests that give it a daily (or two) wipe down with a spray cleaner or disinfectant wipe. You risk a far more difficult cleanup or perhaps ruining your countertop if you wait too long.

5. Toilet Bowl Cleaning

The easier it is to clean your toilet, the more often you do it. Drop-in tank cleaners and air fresheners are not recommended by a professional cleaning lady or plumber, but you can use an in-bowl cleaning device or agent, or a toilet bowl wand and cleaner to freshen up your toilet every day.

Another method is to deodorize your toilet every night using baking soda. Shake a couple of teaspoons of baking soda into your bowl and leave it overnight to perform its magic. Simply flush it away in the morning to have a clean toilet.

6. Examine your towels and rugs

Take a moment every day to check on the condition of your carpets and hand towels. You might be astonished by how quickly they must be cleaned.

Before entering the shower, shake your carpets or replace a dirty hand towel with a clean one, if necessary. Throw your rugs and decorative towels in the washing machine as part of your weekly deep cleaning.

Never leave a wet towel on the bathroom floor. Make a point of picking up and hanging all towels as you leave the restroom.

7. Clean the Mirror in Your Bathroom

There’s no getting around the fact that cleaning bathroom mirrors are a pain. Make things a little easier on yourself by washing down your bathroom mirror every day, even if it appears to be clean. Wipe away any toothpaste splatters or water droplets with a paper towel or microfiber towel.

8. Clean As You Go

It’s easy for bathroom garbage to get unpleasant. By dumping your bathroom trash can into a larger can on a daily basis, you can avoid this.

Cleaning as you go is the most effective strategy to keep your daily bathroom cleaning routine to less than five minutes.

Remove everything from the counter and the floor before leaving the bathroom. Remove the case of your daily contact, replace the toothpaste in its original location, and make sure you have enough toilet paper for the next visitor.

This checklist will help you maintain your bathroom clean between deep cleanings for longer. Consider hiring a referal cleaning agency for house cleaning if you prefer to delegate the dirty labor (literally). Maggy Maid refers the best house cleaners in the business. All of the house cleaning in Century City professionals they refer, have had years of experience prior to us referring them out to your homes. They do exceptional house cleaning in Los Angeles and its neighborhoods.


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