Claims Policy

You made it to our claims page. This means that you most likely have an issue with your service. If this is the case, we are truly sorry that your service did not go through as you hoped for. We try our best to set everyone’s expectations realistic and we try our best to follow up to make sure you are happy with the referral service.

Please keep in mind, that we are a Referral Agency and that simply means that the service providers are not our employees, they are Independent Service Providers. Also, please keep in mind that the service itself of cleaning is very subjective. Because of these facts, we rely on you, the client, to take an active role in your own happiness with the service. We ask you to be there for the initial and final walkthrough. We ask you to inform the service providers before they leave to point out any areas you are not happy with to them directly.

Below is some of the text that we sent to you that explains our policies.

First Time Service
Below is the exact wording from our confirmation email we sent you: “Walk-through Required
If this is your first service, please be home for an initial walk-through and a final walk-through. If walk-through has been excused for any reasons, agency will not issue any refund or free touchup. The final walk-through releases Maggy Maid and the Service Providers from any claims for that service.”

In addition. you signed off on agreeing to this policy with this text here: “I understand and agree that I am responsible for the payment of referral service provided at the location above. I understand that the amount listed is an estimate and the final amount may increase based on the condition of my property. I understand that Maggy Maid will authorize my card 1 day before my service date and I agree to pay the total listed above in full after service provider(s) complete the referral. I agree with the terms at”

Move In / Move Out Service
Below is the exact wording from our confirmation email we sent you: “The cleaners will do an excellent job cleaning according to your requirements. We cannot guarantee you will receive 100% of your security deposit back if you are booking a Move In / Move Out service. Most landlords will charge for an additional cleaning fee no matter what.”

General Service
Below is the exact wording from our confirmation email we sent you: “YOUR HOME WILL NOT BE PERFECT AFTER THE CLEANERS FINISH. If you are expecting perfection, you will be disappointed and should cancel your service now. The cleaners are human beings and they can clean to the best of their ability, but there will always be some little dust or dirt afterwards. This is the case with any House Cleaning service anywhere in the country. We are here to make you happy, but not to cater to obsessive compulsive expectations.”

Refund Policy
Here is the exact wording found in our Terms of Service: “No refunds. All sales are final.”

If you still wish to file a claim:
Follow these steps:
1. Make sure you email us to within 24-48 hours after the service. Post in the subject “Attn: Claims”
2. We will forward your email to someone that handles claims. They read every single email. Please give them 48-72 hours to read and review your email.
3. Most emails do not qualify for any claims, as outlined in detail above. If this is the case, you might not receive an email back. If there is some action that we can take, we will email you back with further steps.