Safe Ways To Clean High Ceilings

house clenaing on high ceilings

You probably didn’t consider how difficult it would be to clean those soaring ceilings when you first fell in love with them. Fortunately, with the correct equipment, you may appreciate your ceiling without ignoring the dust during house cleaning. Use these seven tricks from the best house cleaning in Culver City to keep your home clean and dust-free from floor to ceiling.

1. Work from the top down

When dusting the ceiling during deep cleaning, no matter which duster or technique you employ, some dust will fall. If you wait until the end to clean the ceiling, the dust will settle on your furniture, knickknacks, and all the other areas you just worked so hard to clean. Start with the ceiling and work your way down to picture frames, furniture, and eventually the floor.

2. Consider using an electrostatic duster.

An electrostatic duster is your greatest buddy if you have a high ceiling. Feather dusters merely scatter dust, whereas microfiber dusters require direct touch to collect dust. Electrostatic dusters capture and hold more dust per swipe, minimizing allergies in the home and giving you a cleaner result (and saving cleaning time).

If you’re unfamiliar with this fantastic equipment, it’s a tall, fluffy duster with a rainbow of colors running from top to bottom. The fine fibers grab dust like a magnet using a static charge, allowing you to dust a bigger area with less effort. Simply fluff the fibers by twisting the handle in your hands, then dragging them through a plastic bag or across a TV screen to charge them up and ready to dust.

3. Swap your ladder with a pole.

Tall ladders aren’t for the faint of heart—they might be hazardous if you’re not used to them. If you don’t hire a maid to do it for you and if you’re working with a large area, you’ll be stuck climbing up and down frequently to safely cover the entire surface. If you don’t already have one in your garage, these ladders might be costly.

Pick up a telescopic cleaning pole at your local home improvement store instead of risking it with a ladder. These can stretch up to 20 feet or more, allowing you to work with your feet securely planted on the ground.

4. Use a mop attachment to clean high ceilings.

If a simple dusting isn’t enough to satisfy your cleaning urges, a mop attachment for your telescoping cleaning pole can help. Protect your furniture with a plastic tarp when you’ve finished dusting, then wipe the ceiling with your preferred all-purpose cleaner. It may feel strange at first, but the end result will be well worth the effort.

5. Wear Safety Equipment

During a deep cleaning, dust and debris might fall from the ceiling, and the last thing you want is for it to fall into your eyes. Corneal abrasions and eye infections, unlike dust, are not to be taken lightly, hence safety goggles are a requirement. If you’re extremely sensitive to dust or have allergies, you might want to put on a dust mask to keep from inhaling anything.

6. Safety comes first.

Maggy Maid the leading house cleaning in Los Angeles and its neighborhood says that safety should be the top-most priority. It might be aggravating (even angry!) to lose a struggle with a dust bunny who is just out of reach. However, it’s critical to remain aware of your physical limitations. Nothing is worth causing serious back or neck pain, and there is always a better approach.

If you go the ladder way, it’s even more crucial to put your safety first rather than a cleaner ceiling. Leaning too far forward, stepping beyond a safe point, or losing your footing can all be dangerous. Allow the cobwebs to fall or discover a safer approach to remove them.

7. Consider Using a Professional Maid Service

Dusting a high ceiling or cleaning hard-to-reach areas in your home might be difficult (if not a huge pain). If you’re still having problems, contact a local company for house cleaning in Culver City that can clean high ceilings and relieve you of the additional worry.  Maggy Maid is a referral agency that refers house cleaners in Culver City.


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