How to Remove Crayon Stains in 4 Easy Steps

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A toddler’s monstrous crayon hands are certainly something you’ve dealt with as a parent. Returning home to see crayon scribbles all over your home, especially on kids’ clothes, is not ideal. Kids can enjoy themselves for hours with crayons, but it is not enjoyable to spend hours cleaning up crayon stains from your laundry or anywhere in the house. You may be surprised that there is a quick fix for crayon stains that do not involve a whole house cleaning in Cypress.

Use the following methods if you have crayon stains on surfaces in your home or on fabrics in your home that need to be removed.

Easy Steps to Remove Crayon Stains

Using the WD-40
For deep cleaning, you can remove a crayon stain with WD-40, which is not just for squeaky doors but also effective at removing crayons from walls. On both sides of the crayon stain, use WD-40. Before properly rinsing, let the solution sit for three to five minutes. Recognize that this stuff is sticky; proceed cautiously and avoid getting anything on other surfaces. Follow the advice on the can for minor circumstances like accidental skin contact. Before using it on an extensive garment section, test the solution on a hidden seam. If there is discoloration or damage, you should try an alternative approach.

Using Dish soap
One of the most common cleaners is dish soap. When the crayon stain seeps away, apply dish soap to the affected area and different sections of the cloth each time. The stained spot will start to disappear after using dish soap. Large chunks of crayon may start to peel away to eradicate the stain, or the stained area may simply fade slightly. Continue until the crayon has been taken out. Depending on how much crayon is on your laundry, you may need to repeat this process several times. Receiving your laundry back in perfect shape is ultimately rewarding.

Using Stain Remover
To remove the crayon stain, use a stain remover stick, gel, or spray, or you can just hire a maid to do it for you. All these stain cleaners are effective, but a liquid spray may have the best chance of penetrating the discolored area of your clothing. Allow it to sit for three to five minutes so that the stain may be penetrated and the magic can start to happen.

Using Hot Water
Use the hottest water the fabric can handle without harming it while washing. To ensure deep cleaning of the crayon stain, use hot water. Check the soiled item after it has been washed and before you put it in the dryer. This stain may become permanently set if it is allowed to dry. It is best to let the clothing air dry. You can wash and dry your garments regularly once confident that the crayon stain has disappeared.

Crayons typically don’t leave stains unless they are melted or heated and leave a greasy residue. If the stain is large or heavy, it might potentially leave a permanent mark. Most crayon stains will go, but additional assistance may be required if they don’t work after several DIY cleaning attempts. If you have difficulty removing stains, think about hiring cleaners to do the house cleaning in Cypress.