Tips On Vacuuming The House

house cleaning using vaccuum

It may be satisfying to finish a sparkling clean room with those oh-so-satisfying vacuum lines, but you may not enjoy cleaning itself. Considering that frequent vacuuming may help keep your home free of dust and allergens while also making your floors appear pristine, the benefits of frequent vacuuming surely outweigh the inconvenience. This can be done by simply hiring the best house cleaning in Encino to do the clean-up for you. However, there are 10 simple methods you can use to make vacuuming a breeze so you can enjoy this weekly chore a little more.

1. Use an Extension Cord that is Compatible
Continually unplugging and replugging your vacuum cleaner makes the job take much longer than it should. Use an extension cord that may span the entire house to avoid this issue. It’s a quick remedy that can save you a lot of time and aggravation. Make sure it’s a high-amperage cord that can withstand the power of your vacuum, otherwise, it could cause a fire.

2. Maintain a Clean Vacuum
Ensure that hair and lint do not clog the rollers only during deep cleanings since they can tangle around the rollers and adversely affect the performance of your vacuum. Generally, a strong yank of the machine helps clear the jam, but be careful not to pull too hard to prevent damage to your machine.

3. From the Inside Out Vacuum
Walking on your freshly vacuumed carpet will distort the sharp lines you worked so hard to produce. During housekeeping, start vacuuming in the farthest part of the room to ensure proper technique and a clean and tidy job. Then go to the next phase by working your way out the door.

4. Don’t Toss Your Crevice Tool Away
Your clumsy vacuum won’t reach those hard-to-reach niches, cracks, and corners in the walls and furniture. The crevice tool is supposed to help, yet many vacuum owners overlook it. Clearing corners, windowsills, cobwebs, trim, and other small locations is simple with this tool. It can also be used to assist with stair vacuuming. You might be able to buy an appropriate attachment separately if your vacuum cleaner didn’t come with one.

5. Your Tiled Floors Should Be Vacuumed
The broom may be the easiest way to collect dirt, dust, and other debris off hard floors, but the best (and the easiest) way is to use a tile-compatible vacuum cleaner.

6. Make a “No Shoes” policy mandatory.
Encino Maid Service says that there is something you can do to dramatically reduce the accumulation of dirt and debris in your house, as well as germs if you maintain and implement a “no shoe” policy. You can persuade your family members to remove their boots and put on some soft slippers that they will want to put on as soon as they step outside and into your home. Make sure that firm mats are near all the doorways of your home in order to capture any additional dirt.

7. Rugs that are vacuum-friendly
A little planning ahead of time will help you avoid vacuum problems during housekeeping. If you’re looking for a new rug, keep in mind that synthetic rugs with low piles are the most vacuum-friendly. That isn’t to say that wool shag rugs can’t be cleaned, but it will be a difficult task.

8. With an old hairbrush, remove any stuck-on hair.
Carpeting with a thick pile collects a thick layer of stuck-on hair, which is quite difficult to remove when vacuuming. Instead of groaning under your breath and rubbing your face over the same region again and again, grab an old stiff-bristle hairbrush and begin combing the fibers to remove the filth from them. The bristles will gather up stray hairs and clump them together in an extremely disgusting yet pleasing cluster, house cleaning in Encino added.

9. Consider a cordless vacuum for regular cleaning.
Breaking out the huge vacuum for crumbs after pizza night and the dust pile that accumulates in the same location every time is a pain. Deep cleaning the kitchen and other high-traffic areas is considerably easier with a compact rechargeable vacuum or dustbuster.

10. Maintain a Schedule
You’re making the job harder than it needs to be by waiting until you can see the flecks of filth and who-knows-what on your carpet. Rather than vacuuming only when needed, make it a part of your regular housekeeping routine. You’ll be done in no time if you make less of a mess.

There are house cleaning services that can help you if you find that frequent cleanings are impossible due to your hectic schedule. Having them take care of your floors will ensure you always have clean floors of a professional level without needing to vacuum them every time. Consider hiring Maggy Maid, the top-rated house cleaning in Encino. They have high reputation of referring house cleaners with exceptional housekeeping, maid service, move in or move out cleaning, and house cleaning in Los Angeles and its neighborhoods.


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