Carpet Cleaning Tips That Save Money

vacuum house cleaning tips

When vacuuming and spot-cleaning your carpet during your house cleaning, if you find that it does not leave it as clean as you would like, then it is time to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Following these guidelines from the best house cleaning in Glaselle Park will help you assess the carpet cleaning cost after determining whether to use dry cleaning or steam cleaning as a professional cleaning method.

1. Compare prices with an in-home estimate or an online calculator.
Most carpet cleaning websites have estimate calculators that can help you figure out how much it will cost to have your carpet cleaned by a professional cleaning lady. Take the time to compare prices from different companies. The online calculators feature pre-set rates based on square feet or per room, with a minimum square footage need and a maximum square footage limit. These calculators may be useful if you already have an estimate of the size of the rooms in your home.

If you’re unsure about the size of your rooms, Glaselle Park Maid Service suggest that you should acquire an in-home estimate from the cleaning lady so you know exactly how much you’ll be paying. You won’t be surprised by the true amount this way.

2. Find out what the typical rates are in your area.
The cost of housekeeping and cleaning varies greatly. Professional carpet cleaning specifically costs roughly $0.30 per square foot on average. Carpet cleaning prices, on the other hand, differ across the country. In an urban region, professional carpet cleaning may be more expensive than in a rural area. To guarantee you aren’t overcharged, look out for comparable rates in your area.

3. Find out what is included in the prices or packages.
Some businesses offer packages at various price points, while others offer a la carte deep cleaning services. Make sure you understand exactly what each bundle contains so you don’t end up paying extra for a feature you thought was included.

Keep in mind that certain businesses have a minimum total amount required to deliver deep cleaning services. Inquire about additional fees for stain removal and deodorizing.

4. Look for coupons and ask about discounts
Check the company’s website or ask about coupons, specials and discounts. It might be more cost-effective to take advantage of a package deal that includes an extra room than paying for fewer rooms separately.

However, you should be wary of any prices that appear too good to be true. Some companies provide a lower quote to gain your business but then increase the price or throw in unexpected charges once they’re done with deep cleaning and cleaning your carpet. Before services start, ask for include a clear breakdown of services and costs.

5. Check to see if the company has a satisfaction guarantee.
A business or product with a “satisfaction guaranteed” promise is confident in its service or product. Check to see whether the housekeeping companies you’re considering have a policy that ensures your satisfaction or your money back if you’re not. This way, you are assured that you’re getting what you pay for. Research is the key.

If you don’t have time to clean and maintain your carpet efficiently, consider hiring Maggy Maid, the best house cleaning in Glaselle Park can surely help. They have high reputation of referring house cleaners with exceptional house cleaning Los Angeles and its suburbs.


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