Enjoyable Cleaning Games For Kids

house cleaning with kids

Wouldn’t it be great if your kids enjoyed performing their chores? “Impossible!” you could say. ” Pay attention to us. What if house cleaning was as entertaining as Candyland for kids? According to the best house cleaning in Hancock Park, house chores can be an interesting activity rather than a time-sucking drudgery if you make a few tweaks to your cleaning regimen. Consider this: your kids could actually want to do the cleaning!

Here are five fun games that Hancock Park Maid Service shares for your young cleaners:

Note: While we think these cleanup games are entertaining for all ages, we think they’re especially fascinating for children aged 3 to 7.

1. Race for Cleanup

Get ready, get set, go! Set a five-minute timer in the kitchen and see how much housekeeping chores you can get done before the buzzer goes off. The player who collects the most items in five minutes wins the game. To avoid any racing injuries, we recommend picking up any of the larger “obstacles” before starting. Set the timer to one minute if your young cleaners are too quick for five minutes.

2. Counting Exercise

This game is ideal for young children who are learning to count. Practice counting while also clearing the mess! Choose a number for this game (10 is a good place to start). Request that your young cleaners pick up that many toys. As they clean up and put away their toys, have them count out loud.

3. Identify the Hidden Item

If you have more than one child in the house, this game will function best. Choose two or three “secret” items in the clutter before you start housekeeping. Allow your young cleaner to begin cleaning without giving them any cues. The person who picks up and puts away the “hidden” things will receive a unique gift of your choice. If you just have one youngster to play pickup with, have them guess the hidden things instead. They win if they guess correctly! You can give a simple prize to the winner such as an hour of playing with a gadget, a chocolate bar, or their favorite food.

4. Color Coordination

Make housekeeping time double as color practice time if your child is still learning colors. Ask your youngster to gather up all of the red toys from around the room. Then switch to a different color. Play until all of the clutter has been removed and things are put back in their designated places.

5. Make-believe

This type of game necessitates some creativity, so it’s ideal for individuals who still enjoy pretending! Prepare a character or animal for each of your children before cleaning, and then have them act out their roles while cleaning. Some of our favorites include fancy maids and cleaners, wild safari creatures, and dinosaurs.

By having the kids play during cleaning time, they are learning how to clean up the mess at the same time enjoy plus getting a little extra as their prize. If you don’t have the luxury of time to do housekeeping, consider hiring the best house cleaning in Hancock Park. Maggy Maid has a high reputation of referring house cleaners with exceptional house cleaning in Los Angeles and its neighborhoods with flexible maid service extras at flexible price.


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