The Best Ways To Disinfect Your Home

best house cleaning tips

Are you really cleaning your home even though you do it regularly? Sweeping and vacuuming your floor is great! Wiping down glass windows and kitchen surfaces is good, too. But there’s a big possibility that there’s plenty of bacteria left in your home. Such areas like your cushions or toilet could be swamped up with germs if you’re not cleaning them properly. Take a look at some helpful tips from the best house cleaning in Highland Park on how to disinfect the hard-to-clean areas in your home.

Sanitize and Disinfect: What’s the difference?

Maybe you’re thinking if sanitizing and disinfecting are just the same. But if you must know how you should be cleaning your home, it should be: disinfect.

The aim of sanitizing is to kill off some germs and bacteria in your home. You can reduce the growth of these in your home but keep in mind that you won’t get rid of them completely.

To disinfect. on the other hand, aims to kill 100%, if not 99.9% of germs and bacteria in your house. This is what all professional cleaners do. If you want to completely get rid of germs, you must disinfect your home.

You can sanitize your home regularly but if you want to make sure that your home is fully disinfected and free of germs and bacteria, you may consider hiring housekeeping services for your home.

The Best Disinfectant

There are a lot of disinfectants offered at your local store. It’s easy to find them. You can just check their label stating that it kills around 99.9% of bacteria. But you also have to keep in mind that not all disinfectants are helpful to the environment.

As you will notice, some maid service companies use eco-friendly disinfectants and cleaning materials. What you can do is take a look at more natural cleaning products. There are natural items in your kitchen that you can use to eliminate germs such as vinegar. It can kill bacteria and at the same time, you’re not harming the environment.

Disinfect Cutlery

Washing your cutlery isn’t enough. You must disinfect them, too. Spoons, forks, knives, and other utensils could be swamped up with bacteria. It’s scary to think because you put them in your mouth! So, to make sure, disinfect your cutlery regularly for you to prevent getting sick.

Highland Park maid service recommends to use hot water and dish soap. Then, use a clean cloth to remove any grime. Soak your cutlery in a non-toxic disinfectant. Make sure to use a gentle disinfectant to avoid damaging them. After disinfecting, leave the cutlery to air dry before storing them in a clean space.

Learn More House Cleaning Tips

These are just some of the house cleaning tips on how to disinfect your home. Now you know the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting, you might want to change your housekeeping routine starting now.

It is not easy to disinfect your home especially if you are working every day. If you think you need help from professional cleaners, don’t let anyone stop you from hiring them. There are a lot of maid service companies that can cater to your needs.

But if you do not have someone in mind, you might want to consider hiring the best house cleaning in Highland Park. Maggy Maid are a group of well-trained and professional house cleaners that service house cleaning in Los Angeles and its suburbs. They make sure to disinfect your house and eliminate germs and bacteria to provide excellent service! Get their services now!


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