Proper Way To Clean Light Fixtures

house cleaning tips for light fixtures

Light fixtures add to the appearance and can boost the style of your home in addition to brightening it. While it may be tempting to let your glass fixtures dusty, cleaning and caring for them can help all of your home’s lights shine a little brighter during regular house cleaning in Hollywood Hills.

Cleaning your glass light fixtures is a basic and straightforward procedure. You can get your glass fixtures looking pristine in no time if you have the know-how and exercise care and prudence.

Cleaning Glass Light Fixtures in 5 Easy Steps

1. Make Your Space Ready

Set up a stable spot to store your light fixture after taking it apart with a towel on a table. This keeps your light fixture safe and secure by preventing scratches and damage.

If your glass light fixture is covered in dust or filth, you may want to clean it during deep cleaning using microfiber cloths. Cleaning up is simple and quick without the need of a cleaning lady if you have towels and clothes available.

2. Disassemble the light fixture
Turn off the light and make sure the lightbulb is cool to the touch before dismantling the glass light fixture. If the lightbulb is still hot, wait a few minutes before unscrewing it.

After the lightbulb has been removed, carefully unscrew the light fixture and clean it. Make sure the fixture is secure on the towel you’ve spread out. Then wipe the inside and outside of the fixture with a microfiber cloth.

The lightbulb can also be wiped. Because dirty lightbulbs provide less light, keeping them clean can help you improve your illumination.

3. Infuse the Light Fixture with Water
During a deep cleaning, fill your sink with warm water and place the light fixture on the towel. Place your fixture in the soapy water cleaner after adding a few drops of mild dish soap. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for the fixture to soak. Use a bathtub or large plastic tub instead if you have a huge lighting fixture.

Hollywood Hills cleaning services says, dish soap can dissolve any stubborn buildup, preventing you from damaging your glass fixture by vigorously handling it. After it’s been soaked long enough, gently wipe away any excess filth with a cloth.

4. Rinsing and Drying
Place a clean towel and a few microfiber cloths on your table or kitchen counter to create another secure area for your glass fixture. Drain any surplus water from the sink and rinse it well. Place the fixture on the towel and use the microfiber cloths to dry it.

5. Maintain the cleanliness of your light fixtures.

Use a duster once a week to keep your glass fixtures cleaner and prevent dust and debris from accumulating. It will make your illumination appear brighter because dust can make it appear dull.

Cleaning Glass Light Fixtures at Home vs. Hiring a Professional

Cleaning glass light fixtures isn’t difficult, but it does necessitate understanding how to securely disassemble and reinstall your light fixture.

The materials for a DIY cleaning cost roughly $10 for competent households. If you’d rather have a professional cleaning lady handle it, hiring a house cleaner for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom residence costs around $180.

If you’re not sure how to disassemble the glass fixture for deep cleaning, get professional help from companies for house cleaning in Hollywood Hills. Maggy Maid high reputation of referring house cleaners with exceptional house cleaning in Los Angeles and its neighborhoods. Safety comes first, so only do this if you’re confident in your ability to unscrew your fixture safely.


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