How To Keep A Dust-Free Home

dust-free house cleaning

What is your attitude toward cleaning your dusty house?… Do you find that you tend to clean your home frequently? If you have ever wondered how dust gets into your house and how to prevent it from accumulating, then you are not alone. In spite of the fact that you regularly do house cleaning, research has shown that the air inside our homes is occasionally of lower quality than the air outside. The best house cleaning in Hollywood offers some recommendations to help you get a cleaner and healthier home with some careful planning and a little elbow grease.

Vacuuming your carpets and floors once a week during housekeeping is a terrific way to remove dust, but it’s also crucial to pick the proper gear for the job. Carpets and rugs benefit from upright vacuums with an agitator, whereas wood, tile, and other hard floors benefit from canister vacuums, which are more compact and capable of creating powerful suction even with attachments.

Feather dusters are entertaining but tend to spread dust rather than collect it. Instead, dust with a moist cloth, which will hold the dust much better to get a cleaner outcome.

If you have a central heating and cooling system, your furnace filter filters all of the air in your home. Changing your furnace filter is a quick and straightforward approach to minimizing dust levels and keeping your furnace in good working order. Check your furnace filters regularly, especially during the deep cleaning sessions.

Your shoes will not only distribute filth around the house, but they will also transmit germs and bacteria like E. coli. You can save up to 70% of the dirt and debris that would otherwise be tracked through your house by leaving your shoes at the entrance.

Hollywood maid services points that your closet is a dust factory. The fabric of your clothes and towels sheds small fibers all the time, which collect on the floor and then spread throughout your home. However, during your housekeeping routine, it’s easy to overlook your closet. Once a week, vacuum and clean your closet to eliminate dust at its source.

It’s not a pleasant concept, yet your body sheds skin flakes into the fabric of your bedding while you sleep. Wash your bedding in hot water (at least 130 degrees F) at least every two weeks to eliminate dust and kill dust mites.

Vacuuming helps to keep the dust off your rugs, but nothing beats a good old-fashioned rug-beating to get rid of it completely. Outside, put your rugs on a clothesline, fence, or another strong object. Give your rug a good thrashing with a stick, broom, or even a tennis racket. The amount of dust your vacuum cleaner leaves behind will surprise you.

Have no time to dust? Hire Us!

If you’re always asking yourself, “Why is my house so dusty?”
As you can see, there are numerous causes for this. Hiring a company for house cleaning in Hollywood is the best choice. Maggy Maid is the best housekeeping services in Los Angeles is the answer to getting rid of dust in your home. We understand how valuable your free time is. So instead of cleaning your house with it, let us do it for you.

Our regular Hollywood house cleaning checklist includes vacuuming and dusting every surface in your home. You will notice less dust build-up between visits if you hire us to clean your home on a regular basis – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Request a cleaning estimate from us immediately. Remove any excess dust.


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