Mother’s Day Surprise – A Clean Home for Mama

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It’s Mother’s Day – Why Not Give Your Mom a Little Rest by Ensuring That Your Home Is Well Organized

The one person in our lives who does the most for us is our mothers. It was our parents, especially our mothers, who took care of us when we weren’t able to take care of ourselves, and it was also them who still take good care of us long after. This reality hits us the older we get because we get to know and experience how hard it is to juggle all the responsibilities we have including housekeeping and maintaining a clean home for a relaxing atmosphere after work, school, and/or other duties.

Even though Mother’s Day only takes place once a year, it is the perfect day to show the most significant woman in our lives extra care and respect by letting them know that you see their hard work of giving us a clean shelter all this time despite their busy schedule.

Giving Our Mothers a Clean Home Is a Perfect Gift We Can Offer on Her Special Day

Here are some simple yet proven helpful things you can do around the home to lighten the load:

Organize Your Items

Kids and teenagers aren’t the only ones guilty of leaving piles of stuff around the house for Mom to pick up and put away. So when you come through the door, make sure you put your belongings like coats, bags, shoes, socks, umbrella, books, and anything else you bring in its proper place (please make it a habit). Mom and her back will appreciate it.

How To Organize Your Closet - Maggy Maid


Tidy Up After Yourself (and Others)

As the day comes to a close, living spaces often become cluttered with the everyday items of life: dirty dishes, half-full glasses, scattered books, magazines, clothing, toys, electronics, board games, and more. Show some love for Mom by tidying up each room, gathering stray items, and returning them to their rightful places. By taking on this task, Mom can enjoy her evening watching her favorite show, without the added stress of daily decluttering.

Do the Laundry

With everything mothers do during the day, laundry tends to pile up — taking hours to eventually get washed. Surprise her by doing the laundry, pay extra attention to clothing labels and colors. Once the items are washed and dried, fold them and put them away so she has at least one laundry-free week to enjoy.

Do The Laundry - Mothers Day Gift

Run Errands for Her

Ask your Mom to hand over her daily list of errands, then conquer and divide with the rest of the family. Pick up the dry cleaning, send the dog at the groomer’s, do the grocery (and then put away the groceries), take your sister to her ballet class, or you can even get her car’s oil changed — the more things you can check off Mom’s to-do-list, the more time she’ll have to sit back and relax.

Cook Her Dinner and Clean It Up After

Moms always appreciate breakfast in bed or a Mother’s Day dinner made with love by her family. What she doesn’t appreciate is having to clean up afterwards. So, in addition to cooking and serving the meal, make sure you wash and put away all the pots, pans and dishes, clean the countertops, sweep the floor, and leave the kitchen even cleaner than you found it.

Cook Your Mom a Dinner - Mothers Day Gift

Organize Messy Spaces Around The House

Over time, closets, drawers, and pantries can get jumbled with the stuff you just don’t know where else to put. Organizing these spaces tends to get pushed to the bottom of your moms to-do list. For Mother’s Day, get the organizing done for her. Go through that junk drawer, toss out the old rubber bands, and dead batteries. Rearrange the pantry, and add shelves to hallway closet to help her with space management. A little organizing can go a long way toward making Mom’s life easier.

Focus on Doing What She Doesn’t Have Time For

For Mother’s Day, prioritize tackling the overlooked areas and corners of the house that busy moms often don’t have time to address. Consider dusting and cleaning the blinds and windows, or taking the area rugs outside for a thorough shaking. Vacuum the furniture and address any stains on the couch. Don’t forget about cleaning the hardwood floors or refreshing the concrete patio. If you’re short on time or expertise, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to deep clean all surfaces in your home, ensuring a fresh and sparkling space just in time for Mother’s Day.

Help in Cleaning the Tub

Take the initiative to scrub the bathtub until it shines, saving Mom time and effort. Imagine her delight when she can luxuriate in a candle-lit bubble bath on her special day, surrounded by a sparkling-clean bathroom. Extend your efforts beyond just the tub—dedicate some extra time to cleaning the entire bathroom. By creating a fresh and inviting space, you’ll ensure Mom has a relaxing and pampering experience she deserves.

How to Clean a Bathtub - Mothers Day Gift - Maggy Maid

Make it Extra Special With Home a Makeover

Every Mom would want a new kitchen countertop, carpet, floor, window treatments, or furniture. A home makeover is more than just a cosmetic upgrade—it’s about revitalizing your living spaces to better suit your needs and lifestyles. Whether it’s updating outdated decor, enhancing functionality, or creating a more welcoming environment, a makeover can breathe new life into your homes.

Beyond aesthetics, a well-executed makeover can improve organization, increase comfort, and boost overall happiness and well-being.

To all the incredible, busy, hard-working moms out there: Happy Mother’s Day on behalf of the Maggy Maid family. You deserve a home as beautiful as you are, and we’re here to help you enjoy it.

Make sure your mother received the most professional house cleaning services in Nashville before Mother’s Day to give her a stress-free and relaxing day off! Request for an obligation free quote.


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