The Secret Way Of Removing Grease At Home

The Secret Way Of Removing Grease At Home

The kitchen is one of the places in our homes where we love to stay at. It may have been a lifetime love of cooking, or it might be a newfound passion during the pandemic. No matter what would that be, there is no denying that grease is an inevitable by-product of home cooking. We all know removing grease is not easy, which is why I thought it would be better to discuss some of the ways and options that we may keep in mind as we perform our regular Nashville maid service and practices.

For cleaning grease, our teams use a variety of products, including our gentler yet still effective degreaser, the versatile simple dish soap and water, to formulas like Formula 409 All-Purpose Cleaner.

Warm water and dish soap make a powerful team when it comes to removing grease from all kinds of surfaces in your home. Every housekeeping begins with a bucket of warm water and soap that is being applied in kitchens. A soft but strong microfiber scrubbing cloth is used to remove grease from the bucket throughout the cleaning process. Besides the fact that soap and water work well, it is safe for many types of surfaces, and it doesn’t discolor or damage sensitive areas like spray cleaners.

Whenever a technician encounters tougher grease during housekeeping, he sprays the affected area with a special solution degreaser, then works on another task as the degreaser breaks down grease. Approximately five to ten minutes later, the technician comes back to wipe the grease off with soap and warm water. A microwave, stovetop, backsplash, and vent hood are the most common places to use this technique.

Nashville Maid Service tells that you may have a little more grease buildup in some areas for the first time. Don’t worry! That’s nothing we can’t handle. We can do it for you so you may just maintain its cleaning later on without needing a maid. For initial cleaning and one-time scrubbing, our teams often use Formula 409 cleaner, which breaks up heavier grease. Cleaners like this one are generally stronger than other cleaners, but they are still safe to use around children, pets, and food preparation areas.

Furthermore, grease may accumulate over time or be extra baked on. This usually requires some more time scrubbing. Easy-Off oven cleaner can be effective in cleaning oven interiors. As this is a powerful cleaner, we take all the necessary safety precautions to use it only on appropriate surfaces. Keep in mind that bad grease buildup frequently needs to be cleaned over time in order to be completely removed.

It is frustrating to deal with grease because the best way to deal with it is to prevent it from getting bad in the first place. Without a doubt, this is very hard to maintain unless you have a maid to do it for you – and that’s what we do. Let us handle the grease so you can focus on cooking and doing errands that is important to you.

Making regular house cleaning a habit may lead you of keeping your home free from grease which you can achieve as simple as taking the following steps:

  1. Clean your stovetop after each use. Always. This is the best way to prevent grease buildup. Make it part of your house cleaning routine in kitchens after meals, and grease won’t have a chance to accumulate.
  2. Dish soap is highly effective at removing grease. It’s formulated to remove greasy food residue from dishes and can be used on the stovetop and microwave.
  3. Oils from citrus fruits help break down grease. By adding orange essential oils to your dish soap and water you can make cleaning a little easier as well as make it smell great.
  4. A sprinkle of flour over grease spills can help clean up the mess. Although it might seem to make the mess worse, the flour absorbs grease, making it a lot easier to see and clean.
  5. Pots and pans can be cleaned with baking soda and water. Due to its alkalinity, baking soda is effective in breaking down grease. Pour some water and baking soda into the pan after using it and the grease will easily come off after soaking.
  6. To remove grease from fabrics, use salt and rubbing alcohol. It is especially useful for fabrics that cannot be washed using washing machines like rugs, couches, etc. Combine four parts rubbing alcohol with one part salt. Scrub the mixture into the stain with a clean cloth. Scrub hard! Let the spot dry and use a vacuum to remove any remaining salt.

In light of this list, we may conclude that grease disposal really requires regular cleaning and more time to avoid its build-up. Hiring a cleaning service can prove to be beneficial if you are a busy person.

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