Bleach and Natural Cleaning Products for Your Countertops

Bleach is a House Cleaning disinfectant because it zaps bacteria and viruses. It also eliminates stubborn stains and brightens fabric. Bleach does not eliminate grime and residue from surfaces by itself but by scrubbing and rinsing the surfaces before applying a bleach solution. 

Many homeowners, for instance, use bleach to clean their toilets and bathtubs in their bathrooms, places where germs thrive. Although bleach will not obliterate a stain from a sink, it will kill any germs or viruses on the surface. 

Consider a natural approach 

The concept of using harsh House Cleaning chemicals to clean the kitchen makes no sense to some people. When you fail to use the House Cleaning chemicals appropriately, they can be lethal and harmful to the ecosystem. Even while bleach does not classify as a natural House Cleaning product, it is still a powerful House Cleaning chemical. Bleach produces a deadly gas when it reacts with ammonia. Even the vapors from undiluted bleach can irritate the lungs. That is without considering the harm bleach can cause to clothing, carpeting, and other materials. 

The House Cleaning professionals of Sacramento recommend a House Cleaning disinfectant that is a little more environment- and user-friendly than bleach. Sanitize your boards and other kitchen surfaces with one-two parts of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, which are natural compounds effective at eradicating bacteria.

Follow this two-step household cleaning procedure from House Cleaning Sacramento: 

Fill a dark spray bottle with the contents of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. The light destroys peroxide, so the container must be without the presence of light. 

Add white vinegar to a second House Cleaning spray bottle. 

Now spritz your countertops with vinegar and then with peroxide right away. 

You do not need to give it a rinse. In a few minutes, the vinegar smell will go away on its own. 

However, avoid mixing the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in the same spray container. Before the peroxide accomplishes its House Cleaning function, the vinegar will convert it to pure water. When you use this potent pair independently, they will bubble away bacteria and leave your countertops clean, disinfected, and ready to go. 

Using Bleach to Clean 

Here are some House Cleaning recommendations from the House Cleaning team in Sacramento for cleaning with bleach more safely: 

To make cleaning safer, mix the bleach with water. House Cleaning Sacramento recommends you dissolve a tbs of bleach to a gallon of water or a part of bleach to ten parts water. 

Before you begin sanitizing, ensure that the surface is clean. Clean the surface with soap and water and disinfect it with bleach and water. Next, leave the bleach or water solution to rest on the surface for a minimum of five minutes before you rinse and air dry it.

  • Color-safe bleach employs hydrogen peroxide instead of sodium hypochlorite or chlorine to help eliminate stains and brighten colors. 
  • Chlorine bleach is a typical household cleaning product.
  • Whiten clothing and eliminate mildew and mold with bleach.

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