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cleaning plasticware

Did you know that House Cleaning alone could help ease stress? Researchers from Florida State University found out that washing the dishes could significantly lessen your stress levels! Now the biggest problem: cleaning plasticware.

As for my experience, it does not help when I see plasticware pile up the sink especially when they are covered in oil because
1. It is greasy
2. They are hard to clean!

Want to hear another good news? I found out the perfect ways to clean plasticware and they are as easy as pie! Read more to these House Cleaning Sacramento hacks:

Warm water

If you think it can be removed much easier, try this out: grab the dish detergent, have a clean and of course unused toothbrush ready, and very warm water. Get those muscles moving, scrub those stains off with this simple technique!

But if the enemies are too strong, read for more life-saver House Cleaning hacks for your plasticware:

White Vinegar

This is one of my most used House Cleaning hacks for plasticware. Studies say, its 90% water and 5% acetic acid concentration has enough acidity to break the icky buildups. Just pour equal parts of white vinegar and water then let it sit for a couple of hours then wash the plasticware after and let it dry. Do not worry about the pungent smell, it will leave as soon as it dries!

Baking Soda

This kind of soda is a must-have for House Cleaning. Baking soda’s natural chemical and physical properties make it a very good cleaning agent– it does not just leave traces of leftovers, but it does eliminate odors too! Sprinkle the baking soda in the clean sponge then just wipe them off. However, if the enemies are too tough, make a solution of four tablespoons of baking soda and a quart of warm water then let it sit. 

Denture tablets

You may not have dentures yet, but these tablets are a House Cleaning must-have and a lifesaver! Upon my first try, these easy-to-buy and cheap tablets have left no traces of tomato stains at all! Fill the container up with warm water then add 1 or 2 denture tablets, let it sit for an hour then wash with your dishwashing soap.

Lemon and the power of the Sun

Yes, it is on my list for House Cleaning hack for plastic wares. Rub the lemon to the stains of plastic containers then let it sit under the sun for several hours. It would work best during the peak sun part of the day. Their powers are incredibly strong when it comes to removing stains and foul odors from our plastic wares!

House Cleaning should not add to our stressors; make it your happy habit with these easy lifesaver hacks from House Cleaning Sacramento Experts!

Let the fear of cleaning plasticware be gone! Grab that sponge and wash the dishes (and stress) away!

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