Closet Organization Tips from Our House Cleaning Sacramento Buddies

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Not enough closet space? So many clothes in the closet but why can’t you find anything to wear? We usually hoard clothes on sale and pile them in our wardrobe, but at times we can’t find them because of all the clutter screaming inside that has accumulated through time. Sound familiar? You definitely need some closet organization tips.

A House Cleaning Sacramento team will help you sort out your clothes and provide you with the room you need for more. However, you have to dedicate time and effort if you want it to be perfect. You can even listen to some of your favorite playlists to make this task lighter and more enjoyable.


Yes, you read it right! Spread a clean sheet on the bed or floor and dump all your clothes on it. Make sure to include everything even on those that are in the drawers and shelves. House Cleaning specialists say you can already sort them while dumping to make it easier for you later on.


There are many ways to sort our clothes. Categorize by season, by color or by kind. Sorting out clothes in boxes makes arranging it back in your closet easier. A House Cleaning tip is to also get separate boxes for “maybes” and “donate”.


Toss out all the duplicate clothes you have. You may have some items that you feel you can’t live without because you feel and look good in them, and that is why you hoarded 2 or more of the same garment. A Reminder from our House Cleaning expert, “Seasons change and so do your styles”.


Hang all those fancy clothes, not just dresses and coats. A House Cleaning pro tip is to hang them all in the same direction, putting the longer items on one side and the shorter one the other side to make it look pretty with an upward slope line. Using pretty hangers add an aesthetic touch to your closet.


Use clear shoe boxes to store your shoes. This House Cleaning technique makes it easier for you to find the right pair for you OOTD (outfit for the day). These boxes will also help serve the organization so you don’t have your shoes laying around cluttering the floor of your closet anymore.


Make sure to stack all “most used” items at eye level. “This way it will be easy for you to find and grab them when you are on the go” says a trusted House Cleaning agent.


Rolling is good for your undergarments, pajamas, T-shirts, and pants. It makes your drawers look more organized and compact. A House Cleaning tip for jetsetters is to roll up your clothes, this makes it easier for you to pack your suitcase and help maximize the space in your suitcase!

A clean and fresh looking closet will leave you stress-free. The right House Cleaning Sacramento team will always have the right closet organization tips for you. Give us a call and we will relieve that stress for you!

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