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A daily run to the neighborhood coffee shop has become a beloved morning ritual for many. However, the expense of that store-bought brew can quickly add up. When stepping out is not an option, nothing beats a morning stroll to the kitchen for a cup (or several cups) of well-brewed coffee. Your coffee machine is not as clean as you believe. Oily sludge and mineral buildup gradually accumulate on your coffee maker and pot, producing stains, clogging the brewing process, and ending in bitter-tasting coffee. The germs and bacteria you cannot see could be a bigger problem.

For your coffee pot’s House Cleaning instructions, you have to read and check your machine’s owner’s handbook or manual. The House Cleaning experts of Sacramento recommend the following House Cleaning routines. 

Now, for daily House Cleaning, all you will need is a little dishwashing soap. You have to make sure that you clean your coffee maker with vinegar every month or so during your monthly House Cleaning maintenance. 

House Cleaning Step 1 


To clean your coffee maker, you have to fill the reservoir halfway with distilled white vinegar and water. If your coffee maker has a terrible case of buildup, you may decide to increase the water to vinegar ratio. Vinegar does not only wash and cleanse your coffee machine and carafe. Note that it also disintegrates any mineral deposits that have accumulated over time.

House Cleaning Step 2


You have to switch the brewer on and put a filter in its basket. Shut down the coffee machine halfway through the brewing and submerge the remaining House Cleaning vinegar solution in the carafe and reservoir for half to one hour, depending on how much buildup you need to remove.

House Cleaning Step 3


This time, you have to reboot your washing machine and let it finish the brewing process. Discard your coffee maker’s paper filter and pour out the House Cleaning vinegar solution.

You may now get rid of the vinegar odor from the coffee machine. Pour a cup of water into the reservoir, insert a filter into the basket, switch on the coffee maker, and give the brewing cycle time to finish. For a second cycle, lift the filter, drain out the water, and replace it with clean water. Using your microfiber cloth, wipe down your coffee maker and coffee pot.

Why should you use white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar?

According to the research of House Cleaning Sacramento, white vinegar is the best House Cleaning solution. It does not contain any color; thus, it will not leave marks on any surface.

Furthermore, white vinegar is somewhat more acidic than regular vinegar, making it a more powerful House Cleaning tool. White vinegar also has antibacterial characteristics, albeit it does not disinfect.

Although white vinegar does not have an aromatic scent, you can always add some essential oils to help mask the odor.

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