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Molds can thrive everywhere. It causes damage, not only to our home but our health, too. These microscopic living organisms thrive anywhere where moisture is present, and its enzymes feed on them. The truth is, they love damp places. If you got lots of them at home, and you aren’t a fan of routine House Cleaning, then your household is most vulnerable.

Knowing how to detect molds, remove them, and how to prevent them from entering your home is all in your hands. With the expertise of the House Cleaning Sacramento Team, you’ll be able to protect your household.


Molds are often mistaken as dirt. Hence, leaving it undisturbed when House Cleaning until it has completely taken over a particular area of your home. Detection of molds can be DIY, or you may invest in mold test kits if you get them a lot.

  • Physically, molds can be easily spotted when you are House Cleaning. They start as tiny black spots which will eventually grow in size through time. It can either be found in-between grouts, deck boards, or on damp walls.
  • Molds react in bleach for a short time but will return. Thus, if you apply a swab of House Cleaning bleach onto molds, it will lighten. If it’s just dirt, it will stay as it is. You can’t solely rely on bleach in getting rid of molds as it can only remove mold traces but not kill them. They will only come back stronger.
  • Knowing which parts of the home are more prone to mold growth may help you detect them early. Whenever you are House Cleaning, check for plumbing leaks and around plumbing lines, look around leaking windows, underneath carpets, and other house areas.


Know that mold removal can be done by yourself if growth is not more than 10 square feet. Otherwise, hiring House Cleaning professionals would be required.

  • Vinegar is our top pick in killing molds. The acidity of the vinegar is what kills them and prevents future outbreaks. White vinegar is the best choice as its acidity level is most likely required to eliminate molds. Upon application using a spray bottle, wait for the vinegar to do its work for at least an hour or so before wiping it off.
  • Up next, what can baking soda not do? From being a deodorizer, baking needs to mold removal. No wonder it is House Cleaning Sacramento’s favorite. In a spray water bottle, add ¾ teaspoons of baking soda and shake until it has completely dissolved. Spray onto the affected area and scrub onto the surface. Let it dry as it will kill leftover molds.


Mold growth will primarily affect allergic people. Knowing how to prevent them can protect you and your family.

  • Do not allow wet clothes to stay inside washing machines
  • Have leaks repaired
  • Install exhaust fans in your bathroom
  • Use dehumidifiers
  • Thoroughly dry carpets when House Cleaning

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