Efficient House Cleaning Methods for Your Toaster | House Cleaning Sacramento

House Cleaning your appliances is a crucial part of your House Cleaning maintenance. Thus, it is time to work on your House Cleaning task in your toaster. House Cleaning pros in Sacramento have looked up the steps of House Cleaning your toaster.

House Cleaning Step 1

Start by unplugging your oven toaster. Bring your appliance over to the kitchen sink or place it atop an open waste bin to clean it if possible. 

House Cleaning Step 2

For quick collection and disposal of leftover crispy bread chips, look for the detachable crumb tray placed at the very bottom of your appliance. Take out the shallow drawer and shake off any loose crumbs. Then wash it until it is clean with warm soapy water. When you’re working on something else, set the crumb tray aside to dry. 

House Cleaning Step 3 

Create a House Cleaning solution by mixing warm water with dishwashing liquid in a bowl. If the toaster has a detachable crumb tray, remove the tray and submerge it in soapy water. Next, thoroughly clean it with a microfiber cloth or sponge. Using clear water, rinse the tray and dry it with a clean microfiber cloth.

House Cleaning Step 4

Do not fret if your toaster does not have a crumb tray. You have to turn it upside down over your sink or bin and shake out as many scraps as you can. Even though you have a crumb plate, shake out a few crumbs before working on your next House Cleaning task.

House Cleaning Step 5

A decent shake will not dislodge the burnt and crusted bits stuck to the coils. You have to stick your pastry brush in through the top slots and clean the inside of your appliance to get every last crumb out of the tricky, hard-to-reach sections.  

House Cleaning Step 6

To clear any finger smudges, wipe down your toaster’s shell, knobs, and levers with a damp cloth and some gentle dish soap. If you have a stainless steel toaster, a little vinegar can restore its former glory. Combine equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle, along with a drop of dishwashing soap. To clean your toaster, mix the House Cleaning ingredients in a spray bottle and spritz it onto a clean microfiber rag. 

House Cleaning Step 7

Replace the dry crumb tray and wipe down the counter to remove any residual crumbs. Cleaning up the kitchen will be a breeze now that you have identified the source of your crumb collection. 

How Much Do You Clean Your Toaster? 

If you use your pop-up toaster regularly, The House Cleaning Sacramento Team recommends you perform House Cleaning on it every week to eliminate crumbs and any food contamination that may result in a burnt taste, or worse… a fire. Toaster ovens need more frequent House Cleaning since you use it more than just toast. If you heat or broil foods, you should clean your oven after each use, particularly the food tray. 

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