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Have you ever woken up in the morning with your lovely sheets covered with last night’s makeup? Or perhaps you had someone come to visit you and then discovered traces of their face on your pillowcase after they left? Try the House Cleaning means to eliminate the makeup stains from your linens provided by the House Cleaning Sacramento team.  

Read on for some helpful House Cleaning hints on how to restore your bedding to its original state.  

  • Most makeup stains are difficult to remove, such as oil, dye, and wax. On a white cotton pillowcase, lipstick, mascara, and foundation show up prominently, but cotton is a robust, resilient fabric that can withstand more severe treatment than most materials. If you treat your makeup-stained pillowcase soon, you may remove the spots for good.   
  • The first House Cleaning step in stain elimination from a pillowcase is stopping yourself from touching the spot. Rubbing the makeup stain with your finger will set it in by combining with your skin’s natural oils and turning it into a tenacious grease stain. Use your fingernail to eliminate any flakes of makeup. 
  • Apply the House Cleaning solution to a concealed spot on your bedding, such as the fitted sheet’s corner. A spot test on an inconspicuous tiny patch ensures that the House Cleaning solution will not stain the fabric. Apply the House Cleaning solution and then wash it to ensure that you leave no stains on your bedding which is crucial when using hydrogen peroxide and alcohol.  
  • Grab the pillowcase and go to the kitchen sink. Set your faucet to a low setting and gently dampen the stained pillowcase underneath it. Then, on the stained area, pour a dab of dishwashing soap. To get those bubbles going, lather it up with your fingertips.  
  • Give your potent dishwashing soap time to perform its trick on the surface of your pillowcase fibers as it brings the stain’s elements into the surface.  
  • Dab the stain with a microfiber House Cleaning cloth to eliminate any makeup residue that has appeared on the pillowcase’s surface. Wash away any excess dishwashing soap as you rinse the discolored pillowcase in warm water in your kitchen sink. 
  • Load your remaining beddings into the washer before tossing the stained pillowcase in with any random batch of your laundry. Eliminate the stains by applying the stain treatment to the blemish. Next, toss it in with your remaining beddings.  
  • To soften your linens, you have to pour half a cup of distilled white vinegar into the basin, which will also help boost the degreasing ability of the laundry detergent soap and stain treatment you applied to your bed linens.  

You can use the cleaning methods endorsed by the House Cleaning specialists of Sacramento to wash your pillowcases or linens and make them fresh again; however, you have to check the directions stated on the care label before starting your House Cleaning task.

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