Granite Countertops: What Is the Best Way to Clean Them?

According to House Cleaning specialists in Sacramento, granite kitchen countertops have been fashionable since the early 2000s. This natural stone has a bright luster and is appealing, bacteria, and stain-resistant. As House Cleaning connoisseurs in Sacramento advise, granite needs comprehensive cleaning to prevent the sealant from peeling off.

According to House Cleaning experts in Sacramento, avoid using harsh chemicals, acidic cleaners, or abrasive scouring equipment when cleaning granite. Instead, you must use a dishwasher and soap. The House Cleaning professionals in Sacramento have provided granite countertop cleaning methods that will maintain your sandstone countertops appearing great for years to come.

Steps to Cleaning Granite Countertops

You’re prepared to start cleaning once your countertop has been thoroughly sealed. For the most extraordinary granite cleaning results, read the instructions:

  • Employ abrasive scrubbing tools instead of harsh chemicals, acidic cleaners, or abrasive scouring equipment: House Cleaning specialists advise cleaning granite with warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft microfiber cloth. Vinegar should be avoided because it will soften the granite and ruin the varnish. House Cleaning specialists also advise against using harsh air filters that might damage the granite.
  • Spills should be cleaned up as quickly as possible: Spills must be cleaned up as fast as possible, according to House Cleaning professionals.
  • Use hot water and a few teaspoons of liquid soap to wash: According to House Cleaning specialists’ wet cloth, apply a tiny bit of soap to the countertop or your cloth. Squeeze the fabric in freshwater frequently to avoid spreading food, grime, and grease. Wash your rag and rinse the counter with fresh water after cleaning as suggested by the House Cleaning experts.
  • To clean your countertop, follow these steps: According to the House Cleaning specialists, if you don’t dry the countertop with a clean microfiber towel when you’re done, you can end up with wet spots.
  • Build your granite countertop cleanser by following these steps: Combine 50/50 rubbing alcohol and water with 20 drops of essential oil to make a DIY granite cleaner. In most cases, soap and water would be enough, but if you want more of a quick fix to sanitize or cleanse the granite, this mist will do the task.

Steps To Get Rid of Stains on Granite

Most of the time, daily cleaning is enough to maintain your countertop in good form, but if you spill anything and it causes a spot, you’ll need to do a deeper clean.

  • Make a paste with baking soda: Whatever you dropped, there’s a good chance baking soda will help you clean it up. Prepare a baking soda mixed with water to remove oil-based stains.
  • Taking on difficult stains: Gently apply the paste, fill the space with plastic wrap, and seal the edges down if repeated scrubbing prevents stains. Next, rinse and clean the granite with a soft towel to ideally show an imperfect surface.

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