House Cleaning Chores and Pregnancy

Pregnant moms are always extra careful to protect their babies. Though rest is good, it is still suggested that pregnant women should do some moderate movements or exercises to reduce complications within the pregnancy and delivery period. Thus, pregnant moms still do household chores, including House Cleaning, as part of their daily routine. But, the most frequently asked question, especially for first-time moms, is: “Can I still do household chores even with this baby bump?”

Let this article by our team of experts in House Cleaning Sacramento guide you as you fill in a fine line between being a mom, a wife, and a pregnant woman. Does doing both mean putting your baby at risk? Let’s find out.

What household chores shouldn’t you do in this whole pregnancy stage?

1. Bathroom cleaning isn’t for you.

Chemicals used to do bathroom duties are more often harsh or have a very prominent smell, which anyone, significantly pregnant women, shouldn’t inhale. Watch out for labels like “toxic,” “danger, or “poison.” Now’s the best time to explore what vinegar, baking soda, and lemon can do in terms of House Cleaning. Or; you can go shop for “green” products. Plus, bathrooms might get slippery, too!

2. Laundry.

Any house cleaning task requiring you to lift too much will stay away from it for nine months or more. The difference in posture and balance caused by the belly bump may expose you to a higher risk of injury. That, you might not feel now, but it might affect your back or your joints in the long run.

3. Mopping, vacuuming, or sweeping.

These household chores require bending, which is also not suitable for pregnant women. Again, with a second human being in your tummy, it can be risky in terms of the body’s center of gravity. Watch your back, mom!

When house cleaning, it is inevitable that you are exposed to everyday house cleaning products. And some of these chemicals are harmful to the unborn baby when you come in contact with it. Though the House Cleaning Sacramento team won’t be able to provide the complete list of harmful substances, it is best to avoid the use of toxic chemicals or any prolonged exposure to it such as the following:

  • Pesticides
  • The smell of paint; the baby’s room should be good to go months before the delivery. The fumes that it emits may cause adverse effects to the newborn baby.
  • Bleach
  • Oven cleaners

That all being said, the House Cleaning experts Sacramento’s answer to your question is, Yes, You Can Still Do Household Chores but With Precautionary Measures. You are a tough mom, and we know that. But to reduce the risk of danger, it’s best to appoint the tough chores to other family members, or better yet, a House Cleaning professional. 

Besides, pregnancy is tiring. Make it the best excuse to rest and spare yourself from all the household chores you’ve been doing all year. Remember that pregnancy is a delicate phase of your life. Take care of it.

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