House Cleaning Reminders to Reduce the Risk of Flu Spread in Your Home

House Cleaning is a necessary task when helping contain the spread of virus or flu in your home. Microbes enjoy dirty surfaces. Our House Cleaning friends in Sacramento have gathered several House Cleaning Reminders to reduce the risk of flu spread at home.  

House Cleaning Surfaces 

According to the House Cleaning specialists in Sacramento, the handles of cabinet doors and drawers are the spaces that homeowners usually neglect. However, they are also the spaces that need wiping down with an antibacterial solution.  

Remember to clean the low-to-the-ground drawers that you might not use every day but that your child can easily access while cleaning handles.  

Make use of a humidifier.  

A humidifier can help delay the spread of those tiny influenza particles that can float around in the air.  

The House Cleaning team in Sacramento believes that influenza is less likely to thrive in warmer, humidified weather. 

Flu germs, viruses, and microbes cling to objects you touch daily. Here are some prime hot spots for germs:  

  • kitchen sponges  
  • microfiber cloths 
  • chopping boards 
  • keys 
  • floors  
  • sinks  
  • toilets 
  • doorknobs  

You have to clean and disinfect the above mentioned hotspots regularly. To eliminate germs, zap your kitchen sponge in the microwave for one minute on high or better discard it. 

Washing Stuff 

If your family member has the flu, you have to wash their belongings with extra caution. 

Make sure to wash the dishes and silverware thoroughly either by hand or in the dishwasher. There is no need to do a sick person’s laundry separately, but you should try to stop picking up an armload of their clothes and keeping them close before washing them. Use laundry soap and tumble dry on high. After handling dirty laundry, wash your hands right away.  

Disinfecting in the Right Way  

It is necessary to disinfect everything after thoroughly washing them. When disinfecting surfaces, you have to dampen the surface for at least four minutes before wiping them dry.  

Applying a solution of bleach with water is one of the most manageable House Cleaning means to sanitize hard surfaces, such as your floor. Spray the House Cleaning solution to the floor with a clean mop and leave it for a minimum of five minutes before washing it with clean water and allowing it to air dry.  

Bathroom Reminders 

It is particularly essential to be mindful of your bathroom during flu season to help preserve your good health. Thus, you have to clean and disinfect your hard surfaces regularly. House Cleaning is crucial to help avoid the spread of germs.  

 Another efficient way of containing the spread of flu is using disposable cups, never sharing towels with a sick person, and instead of hand towels, use paper towels. Keep in mind to separate the toothbrush of the member infected with flu from the rest of the family. 

The House Cleaning Sacramento team has more tips and hacks for your House Cleaning duties and responsibilities. Keep yourself updated! 

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