House Cleaning Sacramento Experts’ Hacks of Bed Maintenance!

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We all look forward to jumping in bed after a long tiring day! But did you know that there could be hundreds and thousands of microorganisms lurking in your bed every single day! A House Cleaning Sacramento Team will give us tips and tricks on bed maintenance & cleaning our beds from bugs, germs, and bacteria.

The bed mattress is always taken for granted furniture in our house according to a House Cleaning pro. We may change our bedding every two weeks as suggested but do we ever think of the mattress under those covers? Hmm… Just thinking about it gives you the creeps? So keep reading and get some inside tips for our House Cleaning friends.

1. Undress your mattress.

Before everything else, you need to remove each and every covering. Begin with the topmost layer that includes the pillows, duvet, bed sheets, and even the mattress protector. A tip from our House Cleaning team we must throw all these in the washing machine and follow the care labels when washing these fabrics. You may want to use hot water and dryer settings to eliminate any dust mites and bacteria that may be buried from the linens.

2.  Suck them out.

Use a vacuum to rid your mattress of any debris such as dead skin, hair, dust, and even mites. Make sure that all the parts of your vacuum are clean to avoid cross-contamination. According to our House Cleaning pro you need to use a broad brush attachment for the surface of the bed and use a slender nozzle on cracks and edge piping of the mattress.

3.  Remove the stains.

We need to treat each stain separately. Not all stains come from the source. House Cleaning specialists would always ask for the history of certain stains to properly address what products are needed to remove them.

        • Blood Stains – apply a small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide to the spot. House Cleaning experts also said to reapply this solution for more stubborn bloodstains.

        • Yellow stains – these are possible urine stains or sweat stains. The best way to remove them according to a House Cleaning Sacramento team is to use liquid dishwasher and baking soda.

        • Wine stains – Pour sparkling water on fresh wine stain or pour salt and let it sit and soak up the wine. This is a clever tip from our House cleaning neighbors.

4.  Sodium Bicarbonate AKA: Baking Soda.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender, chamomile, etc.) to a box of (16 ounces) baking soda and give a little shake. Sprinkle the mixture to both surfaces of the bed and rub with hands and leave for 10 minutes and vacuum the residue.

We spend almost half of our lives on our beds but it is usually missing on our to-clean-list. So we partnered with experts on House Cleaning in Sacramento to let you know that our bed maintenance deserves a deep-clean once in awhile

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