How to Clear Out Soap Scum in Tubs and Showers by House Cleaning Sacramento

Soap scum, what is it? The white layer covering the tubs and shower surfaces you see in the bathroom when you are House Cleaning is soap scum. Soap, used in hard water, is the formula to acquire soap scum. The buildup is more likely to develop in bathrooms where tap water or mineral-filled hard water is being used. If no House Cleaning has been done for so long, it will continue to add one layer after the other every time you bathe, multiplied by the number of people at home using the same bathroom, which can be pretty hard to remove if left uncleaned for so long. Ironic, right? You clean your body, but it makes your tub and shower filthy.

Well, time to say goodbye to soap scum. Below are the hand-picked tips of the cleaning professionals at House Cleaning Sacramento on how to clean soap scum in tubs and showers.

• Baking Soda + Vinegar

DIY House Cleaning moms probably heard of the wonder of this homemade solution. Mix baking soda into vinegar until you get that thick consistency enough to make it look like a House Cleaning paste. Please wait for it to stop fizzing before dipping a clean cloth; then apply to the shower door or tub. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes and wash the solution off with water. Dry down the shower glass with a clean microfiber cloth to avoid water spots.

• Magic Eraser + Dishwashing Soap

Scrub your tub and shower using a Magic Eraser with any dishwashing soap available at home. Let the magical eraser pad do its House Cleaning magic and wash off the solution with water. Repeat if necessary.

• Apple Cider Vinegar

Aside from its health benefits, apple cider vinegar, also known as ACV, is also known to be our House Cleaning buddy, says the House Cleaning Sacramento team. From cleaning wood floors to giving your Chinaware that new sparkle to waving goodbye to soap scums. Spritz to the surfaces as usual. Its acidity will help eliminate mineral deposits and soap scum buildup.

• Pumice Stone

For tubs only! A pumice stone can be very abrasive if applied with glass. Again, for tubs only. Wet the stone and very gently scrub it over the soap scum buildup. Once removed, use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of it. Repeat the process, if necessary. You can use this method to shower glass doors only if you’ve already mastered the gentleness in scrubbing. Improper usage of a pumice stone can scratch any surface in addition to that.

The tips mentioned above are House Cleaning remedies to eliminate soap scum buildup in tubs and showers. But preventive maintenance always works best.

Opt-out on the bar soap and use liquid ones or body wash instead. It’ll cause a very significant change in the cleanliness of your bathroom.

And, of course, make it a habit to wipe down your tub and shower after every use regularly.

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