Manage Your Storage and Beautify Your Home

We buy things in bulk because it will save us money, but we always run out of storage places to stow it all away. We sometimes use the guest room or a spare room as a stock room, or just have these things piled up in any part of our homes. What a horrible way to ruin the beauty and calmness of our house. Our partners on House Cleaning in Sacramento will help you make your house clean and clutter-free.

Putting more shelves and cabinets is not always the way to solve it. We have interviewed a couple of House Cleaning professionals to give us tips to hide our treasures and make way to a clean and neat house.

Let go!

Let’s face it, you have so many things in your closet that you do not need. You have accumulated stuff over the years and these continuously eat up your storage space for more important things. A House Cleaning pro tip: The fewer things you have, the more creative you become by finding ways on how to mix and max them. “I might need it someday” is the mantra of hoarder.

Sort it out!

Clothes – sort clothes by arranging them by colors, uses, and even sort them out by Season. This way you will be able to maximize your wardrobe space to make way for linens or bedding.

Shoes – you don’t need all those pairs. Line up all those shoes and see which pairs “spark joy”. Some shoes made from low-quality material will ‘shed’ once let unused for several months as stated by a House Cleaning expert, so invest in quality shoes rather than collecting more cheap ones.

Organize your school and reading materials

Don’t just leave school stuff and books sitting on the table. A House Cleaning expert advises families to find a good and sturdy bookshelf to house these sources of knowledge rather than flung in a closet or strewn on the table. This is to make it easier to find them if they are properly stacked on a shelf, and this will also make your home look more classy and decent.

Set a working station

A popular House Cleaning Sacramento team finds it easier to clean a house when furniture and other things are properly in their proper places. How can you do this? To start, all work and school stuff should be stowed away in one room or corner, that you can label the “Study corner”. This will also develop concentration and helps sharpen the mind. 

Set a schedule and give incentives.

Setting up a schedule on doing chores that don’t need to be tended every day is a good way to create a routine around the house. Our House Cleaning Sacramento team pointed out that assigning tasks to each member of the family and putting up a tally wall will build a sense of responsibility and help maintain the cleanliness of the house.

Label it.

A House Cleaning lady once told me that a key to quickly and easily sorting things is to name them. Labels make your storage look neater,but also make it easier to find things when you need them, saving both time and space.

Remember, finding the right House Cleaning Sacramento team is a MUST! Give us a call to do an initial deep clean and we will give you some storage space tips specific to your home!

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