How to Not Shrink Your Wool Sweater

The existence of wool used in garments has long been accepted as far as 3000 B.C. Strongly in-demand during winter for its insulating, durable, and water-repellent features, no wonder it has always been either men’s and women’s classic style staple. From pullovers to cardigans to sweaters — the styles are limitless!

However, the challenge comes in House Cleaning. We all had wool laundry fails. How about that hundred-dollar wool sweater you had laundered at the hotel. Bought medium in size for adults, turned out medium size for infants after washing. It shrunk! Yes!

Luckily, House Cleaning Sacramento got the go-to guide on “How Not to Shrink Your Wool Sweater.” Wools are expensive. The finer the wool, the higher the cost. That is why knowing how to launder them is a must. Read on.

Hand wash

  1. Dissolve a minimal amount of gentle cleaner in water; half a tablespoon of detergent will do in a basin of clean water.
  2. Then, soak your wool sweater in for 5 minutes.
  3. The most important step, says, House Cleaning Sacramento Team, is not to agitate the water. Leave the sweater alone.
  4. Remove your sweater from the water and lay it flat. Squeeze gently. You are aiming to remove excess soapy water without wringing the garment.
  5. Dip the sweater again in clean water and repeat step #4.
  6. Then, lay it flat over a fresh lint-free towel. Press to dry. Or, you can do the “jelly roll” House Cleaning technique, wherein you’ll fold the sweater and the towel together like a jelly roll cake.
  • It has been a long-time myth that hot water is the reason for the shrinkage. Our House Cleaning experts in Sacramento say it is not. Hot water plus motion, yes.
  • When soaking wool, ensure that it is completely saturated with water.

Washing machine

  1. It has always been a House Cleaning habit to check the care tag of everything. Now, if the garment care tag of your sweater approves, and if your washing machine has the wool cycle setting, then washing your wool in a washing machine is possible.
  2. If you have trust issues in House Cleaning and laundering, turn your sweater inside out and place your sweater in a laundry bag to be extra safe.
  3. Using a wool detergent, and setting your machine wash cycle to wool, wash it as you usually would and place all your trust in your washing machine settings. As always, the house cleaning rule when it comes to laundry is to wash delicates separately. Do a separate cycle for linens and cotton.

Wools are naturally anti-microbial and stain-resistant. Thus, washing it every day will defeat its features. Keep them looking new by only washing them after 2-3 uses. Didn’t it spare you from one of your house cleaning tasks? Have wool sweaters earned a spot in your wardrobe yet? We bet, yes.

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