How to Remove Pet Hair from Upholstery by House Cleaning Sacramento

As much as we like having pets at home, doing House Cleaning must be a little extra. With them wiggling and shaking their tails and body around the house, pet hair has a way of sticking stubbornly to upholstery. But you don’t need to worry because, with a little bit of patience, you can remove it using some House Cleaning products.

Our best House Cleaning Sacramento team researched for ways how to remove pet hair from upholstery. Get to know these things and say goodbye to your problem with pet hair.

Vacuuming the Furniture

Add your furniture to the area to vacuum when you are doing House Cleaning. Use the detachable hose of the vacuum cleaner, lift the vacuum to the surface of the couch or chair, or use a small handheld vacuum. However, it still depends on the type of furniture if vacuuming will work. Remember that if there is a huge amount of fur, don’t vacuum it. It may clog up the vacuum or even worse, damage it.

Using a Lint Roller

Roll the lint roller over the surface of your furniture to pick up dog hair. A lint roller can be used on clothing, furniture, and even on your dog. Its adhesive isn’t strong enough to harm the furniture, skin, or clothing. You can find lint rollers at any grocery store or drug store.

Using a Damp Washcloth

House Cleaning would be easy with this tip from House Cleaning Sacramento. Using a damp washcloth is easier than the others when it comes to removing pet hair. Wipe the cushions in one direction and the pet hair will lift off. A damp sponge or mop can be also used in removing pet hair on the carpet. Always wipe in one direction to pile up the hair and to be easily picked and dispose of.

Using a Toothbrush

If you have a few pet hairs on the furniture, use an old toothbrush. Make sure that you won’t use the toothbrush on any House Cleaning task or anything else because it will be hard to clean out from between the brush bristles.

Using a Tape

You might not believe but tape can be a House Cleaning tool too. Flatten a section of the tape against the furniture and let it sit for a moment. Peel it away and see that the stubborn pet hair is removed. Using broad sections of the tape makes the task faster. Using masking tape or duct tape is a good choice. Doing this many times will eventually remove the hair off.

Having persistent problems with pet hair in upholstery is hard especially that you have to do House Cleaning every time. If this is the case, groom pets often, train them not to climb the furniture, cover furniture with a sheet or consult a vet about your pet’s hair loss problem. We know that these tips from House Cleaning Sacramento will somehow help you keep your spaces clean and fresh.

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