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Do not throw the lemon peels just yet. I repeat, DON’T THROW THEM AWAY!

Lemons are natural cleaners. Their acidity makes THEM a good cleaning agent as they are antiseptic and antibacterial. They, too, act as a natural bleaching agent. Either the juice or its pulps or even peels, they come in handy in House Cleaning!

For today’s article on in House Cleaning in Sacramento, here are the reasons why you must not throw your lemons just yet! 

1. Copper Pots.

Use the lemon rinds to clean your copper pots. Our House Cleaning experts know how troublesome those black inks are lying on the bottom of your copper pots and pans but try this awesome trick: rub the lemon slightly onto the area then sprinkle some salt. Let it sit for a couple of minutes then rub them off again in a circular motion. Rinse with hot water then repeat until you are satisfied with the results.

2. Trash Bins.

Put the lemon rinds onto your garbage bins before putting in the garbage plastics. These lemon rinds act as a deodorizer as they help neutralize the foul odor of the garbage. However, House Cleaning experts say, it still depends on how bad the odor is.

3. Your WHOLE kitchen pretty much.

Lemon rinds are very useful in the kitchen too. Use them to clean your kitchen countertops, sink, drain, microwave, oven toaster, and even stovetops. Our House Cleaning experts recommend deeper cleaning for kitchen countertops and stovetops. You can do this by spreading baking soda on the surface then scrub them with lemon rinds. Make sure that your stovetops are not turned on while you are cleaning them.

It is also useful to get rid of the nasty smell of your cutting boards! Fish, onion, garlic, and ginger are just some of the many foods that may have locked into the cutting boards. Sanitize and freshen your cutting boards by scrubbing them with lemon along with coarsely ground salt. Our House Cleaning experts recommend using half part of the lemon for a more desired result.

One more House Cleaning tip! If even after washing your hands with strong scents of soap but the odor would not leave from your hands, scrub lemon peels from your nails, fingers, and to your palm, rinse and wash them again with soap. Viola! Goodbye, smelly hands! 

4. Your Bathroom Hacks.

After having a lemon tea in the morning, do not throw those rinds. Take them to the bathroom then after hitting the shower, use these natural cleaners to scrub away soap scum on your shower doors, bathtubs, sink, drain, and faucets. See? House Cleaning is fun with lemons! Find some of the things listed in this article of House Cleaning Sacramento then clean them up right away. Whether you are making lemon juice, lemon tea, or anything that just involves lemons, do not throw them into the garbage bins yet! Whether you will be using just half of the lemon or just the lemon peels, all of them are very useful in House Cleaning.

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