House Cleaning Sacramento – Moving Tips before Occupying your New Home

moving tips

Finally, you are moving to a new home. Everything about it makes you feel great and excited. All your bags are packed; all the furniture and appliances are ready to be delivered. But what seems to be missing? House Cleaning moving tips is not to overlook small details before moving in that is essential for the proper maintenance and safety of your new home.

We work hard every day to build our dream home, but we also need to plan on how to maintain it so that we can prolong its existence and value as long as possible. Our House Cleaning Sacramento Team has provided us some essential tips to make our dream house perfectly safe and can withstand the test of time.

1. Inspection

Whether this home is newly renovated or newly built, you would want to hire a 3rd party inspector to check the quality of materials used. Are they durable and safe enough for the family?  A House Cleaning hack is to check all corners for any infestation or leak to be able for you to plan ahead.

2. Paint, Exterminate and Install

Now that you’ve had your new home inspected, do the necessary alterations.  House Cleaning experts would recommend you to bring clean rugs and mops and vacuums to dust cabinets and surfaces. Also, plug in your power strips before moving into your furniture, it will never be this simple again.

3. Find the Control Box

Finding your fuse box and water valves are probably a good idea according to our House Cleaning pros. This way in cases of water leakage or power shortage you would be able to safely reach them and easily cut off the supply.

4. Wax and Oil

A House Cleaning technique is to make sure that you tighten and loosen things as needed. This is a technique to make sure that all your sliding doors and cabinets will not give you a hard time.  Cabinet and door hinges need to be oiled to prevent squeaky sounds and building up of rust.

5. Testing 1, 2, 3

A week before the move in, dry run your utilities by making sure that they are up and running. Start with electricity and water. Check for busted light bulbs or leaking faucets. Then According to our House Cleaning Sacramento team, decide on adding other utilities such as the internet and phone prior to moving in.

6. Pack, Label and Unpack

Pack things by rooms. Make sure to label all boxes. A House Cleaning strategy is to use bubble wrap for the breakable items and again label as “Fragile”. When unpacking, make sure to start with cabinets and shelves so that when you unpack the smaller one you will have a place to keep them instead of leaving them on the floor.

We all are excited to move to a new house, but remember that planning is essential to avoid bigger problems in the future. You can also call a House Cleaning Sacramento Team to help you with more moving tips and to cover some of the stress and chaos.

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