Proper Means of Cleaning Your Gym Shoes

It is not practical nor advisable to wash your gym footwear every day. Frequently washing your shoes can harm them and weaken the material. 

When it comes to sanitizing and House Cleaning your workout shoes, weekly or every other week is a wise House Cleaning approach. Follow the House Cleaning means of cleaning your gym shoes brought to you by House Cleaning Sacramento.

Cleaning Your Gym Shoes 

You have to fill a shoebox halfway with baking soda and flatten it to form a layer at the bottom. Next, lift your shoes’ insoles and place them inside the box. Close the shoe box and apply another layer of powder. Lastly, let the baking soda absorb the odor for a while. 

Put your shoelaces in the same box or soak them in equal parts of white vinegar and water solutions. This House Cleaning treatment zaps bacteria while also eliminating odor from your laces. 

Right Out of the Box

According to House Cleaning gurus in Sacramento, applying a shoe protector right after unboxing your gym kicks is the key to retaining their brand new appearance. The spray produces an invisible coating protecting them from stains, dirt, and liquids. 

Keep them Safe

You may not notice it, but microscopic dust and debris are flying around everywhere, particularly in enclosed spaces like your closets. Over time, shoe materials gather dust particles, affecting the overall appearance of your pair of shoes.

After Use, Air Gym Shoes 

It is a terrible idea to wear your gym shoes around your home. Take them off the moment you walk in the door and begin the drying process. To prevent sheltering odor-causing microorganisms, you have to dry sweat and allow proper airflow inside. Avoid delaying furthermore if you do not want to stress yourself from undoing the damage. Do this House Cleaning method right away.

Placing Resealable Bag in Freezer 

If you are in a hurry, seal your shoes in a large resealable bag and place them in the freezer overnight. Your sneakers should smell lovely and fresh in the morning. 

Essential Oils

Utilize the essential oils you already have on hand to eliminate odors effectively. The antibacterial characteristics found in lavender, peppermint oils, and tea tree can bring a delightful freshness to your pair of gym shoes. Put a few drops into each of your shoes. Next, combine more oils in a spray bottle and spray them into your footwear. You may also drench a cotton ball in your chosen essential oil and place one in each shoe. 

Wearing Socks with Gym Shoes. 

You sweat straight into barefoot shoes, which is why they are notoriously stinky. Socks mop up a sweat from our feet before it soaks into our footwear. According to House Cleaning Sacramento, your socks are your first line of defense for keeping your shoes fresh and clean, as moisture and bacteria provide an ideal breeding ground for odor and germs. 

Stay tuned for more exciting House Cleaning hacks from the House Cleaning experts of Sacramento.

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