Shower Enclosure Handling Tips

As observed by the House Cleaning enthusiast from Sacramento, showers are an indispensable feature in almost every bathroom. That is because they take up a lot less space in a bathroom than a bath, are more water-efficient and energy-saving than baths, plus in today’s fast-paced world, and are much quicker to use. Therefore, a suitable shower enclosure is also necessary. No matter what type of shower enclosure you have, you will also need to add it to your House Cleaning schedule.

Cleaning the shower enclosure is undoubtedly one crucial House Cleaning task because neglecting it can affect the condition of your bathroom and your health and well-being.

You can use the following tips shared by the House Cleaning team from Sacramento in tidying up your glass shower enclosure:

  • Use a soft dry towel to wipe and dry your shower unit after using it. It is a simple way to get rid of hard water deposits in your shower area. You can do this daily.
  • Use Glass Cleaner. Once you notice a build-up of deposits on the shower glass, spray glass cleaner onto the glass and leave for one minute.
  • Rub the glass cleaner into the sprayed areas with a paper towel. Then wipe the shower glass dry.

Scratching or damaging the shower door glass is not an option

By mixing a tablespoon of baking soda with water, you can make a natural House Cleaning solution. Let it make a thick paste. You can utilize this mixture in cleaning your shower enclosure. Then, scrub the glass surface using a nonabrasive sponge. Lastly, rinse the glass with vinegar until it sparkles. Do not forget to wear your House Cleaning gloves to avoid skin burns.

If you are not fond of scrubbing, you can use an alternative House Cleaning cleaner that is equally effective. You can buy non-toxic glass cleaners in Sacramento’s House Cleaning supplies store. It will give your shower door glass a breeze. You spray the solution on the glass surface and wipe directly with a soft dry towel.

Tips To Avoid Glass Shower Enclosure Breakage

  • Always check the removable parts of the shower enclosure during House Cleaning. Make sure that all moving pieces are firmly attached to the door system. If in need, immediately contact a glass professional.
  • Avoid using the shower door towel bars to assist you when getting in or out of the shower.
  • Double-check if all fasteners are tightened and secure.
  • Ensure that the moving glass panel is not directly touching the wall or metal during operation. If something comes in contact with the glass, you might have a higher risk of breakage.
  • Continually inspect glass for any chips or cracks, paying special awareness to glass borders, crevices, and around holes in the glass for hardware. You can do it on your daily House Cleaning program. If there is any damage, check and see if the glass needs an immediate replacement.

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