Soft Towels – How to Make Them as Soft as a Cloud

There’s nothing better than having a nice warm bath and drying up in clean, soft towels after a long, busy day. However, a lot of people neglect to include having to wash their towels as a part of their House Cleaning routine due to busy schedules, or the task just keeps on getting overlooked. Your towels, if not taken care of and washed regularly, could harbor bacteria and dirt. This means that you are taking a bath just to wipe your freshly-bathed body with a towel you’ve been using for weeks! As part of your House Cleaning routine, you must regularly throw your dirty towels in the laundry. Using dirty towels just makes House Cleaning pointless; you’re just attempting to clean something with a towel that has been harboring dirt and bacteria, just waiting to transfer to your body or surfaces. 

House Cleaning Sacramento suggests that you include taking care of the little pieces of your home such as the towels you use every day as part of your House Cleaning routine. This keeps you from buying everyday items such as towels, again and again, saving you a lot of money on buying stuff that you could lengthen the time of use through proper care and House Cleaning methods. Everyday items such as bath towels have fabrics that could deteriorate in quality through time and continuous use. But through proper care and handling, your towels can remain soft and smooth even after everyday use and regular washing! House Cleaning Sacramento provides tips on how to keep your towels fresh and soft as an additional step to your intensive House Cleaning routine:

  • Wash your towels with warm water. The water around body temperature is best to wash your delicate towels. Using warm water to wash your towels decreases the absorbency of detergent, therefore decreasing the damage to the fabric. An additional step is to let the detergent dissolve in the water first before you toss in your towels, so the detergent does not go directly onto the fabric. 
  • Cut back on your detergent use. Too much detergent makes your towels stiff. Make sure to use just the right amount of detergent to wash your towels, also to ease your machine’s rinse cycle in washing out the bits of detergent on your towels. 
  • Use vinegar as an alternative to fabric softeners. Although it may be easier to use readily-available fabric softeners, using vinegar as an alternative is effective to soften your towels. Fabric softeners have water-repellent additives, making it a tad harmful for your towels in the long run. Surprisingly, washing with white vinegar every six weeks after a regular washing cycle helps soften your towels.

House Cleaning Sacramento includes thorough care for your towels as an essential part of your House Cleaning sessions. No one wants to wipe themselves with nasty towels! House Cleaning Sacramento suggests that a little DIY and tender loving care for your everyday items go a long way for a clean and healthy total well-being. 

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