A How-to-Guide on the Best Way to Clean Blinds | House Cleaning San Diego

To achieve the best results in House Cleaning, it is a must that you include areas that are hard to reach and tough to clean. These areas may be often overlooked when House Cleaning, but they must always be included because they highly affect the well-being of your family. Areas such as windows must always be cleaned since these are your home’s natural source of light and ventilation. It is a must to never forget to include cleaning your windows whenever you are House Cleaning, this will prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt trapped on your windows, causing several health risks for your family such as triggered asthma due to dust or allergies.

The blinds that cover your windows are often lost in the process pf cleaning, as most don’t think about them. House Cleaning San Diego pros suggest that you should clean your blinds at least once a month. This n8umber increases if you have pets or a larger family.

House Cleaning San Diego shares quick and easy steps on how to clean your blinds for a dust and dirt-free natural light and air source:

Correct materials.

First things first, like any other House Cleaning method, you must gather all the materials that you need to clean. The materials you need include: a good vacuum with a soft brush attachment, cleaning cloths (preferably microfiber), warm water, baking soda, and dishwashing liquids.

Close your blinds.

Yes, this doesn’t seem intuitive, but it’s true! This makes it easier to clean than cleaning them open. This also prevents damage to the attachments that might occur when they are cleaned open.

Dust in the correct Direction.

You would be surprised how much dust lies on your blinds! It is important to go along the direction of your blinds to get it all off completely. Vertical blinds should be wiped from top to bottom, while horizontal blinds should be wiped from side to side. Make sure to use one hand to hold the blinds to stabilize it.

Deep clean your blinds if necessary.

  1. Take the blinds off the window first and lay them flat on the floor.
  2. Carefully and gently clean them with dishwashing soap and warm water (use a bucket or deep dish to help you). Baking soda can also be used as an alternative/ addition.
  3. Make sure to rinse and clean dish soap thoroughly.
  4. Let sit and air dry (in the sun preferably)

House Cleaning San Diego reminds that you regularly clean your blinds. This is an essential step in House Cleaning to ensure that the air you breathe doesn’t come with dust, dirt, and allergens which pose risks to your family.