Discover the Housework Hacks for Easy Cleaning

It is not only time-consuming but also physically tiring to spend your day in House Cleaning ultimately. Worry no more! The House Cleaning pros of San Diego shared their practices in household hacks.

Here is the list of household items or areas and the effective schemes you can utilize in your House Cleaning habit:

· Clean the Smears in the Mirror

Typically, a window cleaner is used to clean up your mirrors, but it also leaves chemical residue on the surface and, sometimes, streaks as well. Well, according to the House Cleaning crews from San Diego, you try the shaving foam as a fool-proof mirror all-purpose cleaning product. Use a soft cloth and rub the shaving foam onto the Mirror. Wipe away smears and fingerprints in a circular motion.

· Eliminate Pet Hair on Your Couch

Vacuuming your furniture is the only way to get rid of hair. However, it is too tiring to do the vacuuming and wiping ten or more times to make it fur-free again. An easier way to wipe up the hair is to run the vacuum through the furniture once or twice. Then, put on your rubber gloves and glide both hands over the remaining pet hair. The fur will stick to the rubber with just one wipe!

· Wash Your Taps

Taps and faucets are frequently forgotten in House Cleaning tasks. But, it is one of the fixtures that needs regular cleaning. Water may not be sufficient to remove the grim. You need a scrubber and household vinegar. Put as much vinegar onto the scrubber and start scrubbing your taps and faucets. Vinegar is an economical and efficient House Cleaning cleanser. Moreover, it helps keep fixtures sanitized for a more extended period.

· Wipe up Your Stainless Steel Appliances and Tools

You are always cautious in getting your stainless-steel appliances and tools dirty. And you always wanted to make it as shiny as possible. However, sometimes, there are still prints or grease left on the surfaces. To bring its glossy back like brand new, use a mildly abrasive scrubber soaked in vinegar. Then, wet a microfiber cloth with lemon oil and your stainless steel using circular motions. The lemon oil removes greasy residues, and your stainless steel will still sheen its beauty!

· Wipeout those Dust

Dust is the common House Cleaning dilemma. Commonly, clean cloth or microfiber cloths are used in dusting. Some are buying feather dusters from the House Cleaning store in San Diego. But, you don’t need to spend money to remove the dust during your House Cleaning time. You can use old socks as dusting aids.

You can use the old socks in several House Cleaning tasks like cleaning blinds, corners, and other household stuff. Just pull an old sock over your hand, pinch each salt of your blinds and gently glide from one end to the other. You can push your finger (or fingernail) into nooks and crannies for the corners and objects to clean more efficiently.

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