House Cleaning San Diego: Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Places at Home

Corners and secluded areas at home are the most places where dust and filth build up. These are hard-to-reach places so it’s not given the most attention during House Cleaning. Once these areas become sticky, it becomes hard to clean.

House Cleaning San Diego is here to solve your worries and will give you tips on how to get those tough areas clean.


In the list of House Cleaning, ceilings are seldom included. That’s why dust and cobwebs are found in corners of it. If you have a low ceiling, using a vacuum cleaner will do. Make sure that your vacuum cleaner has the right attachment. For high ceilings, you can climb up it using a ladder. Remember not to climb the ladder alone. Always ask for the second person to support you below while you climb up it to avoid accidents.

Ceiling Fan

A dusty ceiling fan will most likely throw dust across the room. The House Cleaning team suggests using a vacuum cleaner or a long-handled brush. Another method is to use the ladder to wipe it with  cloth and water.

Window Blinds

Window blinds must be cleaned always according to our House Cleaning buddies. Use a cloth or a duster to clean it. Tied around tongs are helpful too in cleaning your window blinds from top to bottom.

Beneath the Furniture

Things under the bed, sofa, and other furniture could be dust, toys, clothes, and allergens. House Cleaning must be every day but if you are a busy person, cleaning beneath your furniture can be at least three to four weeks you might want to have a mind to clean them. How to clean that area? Move the furniture, sweep or vacuum it and then mop it with soapy water.

Behind the Toilet

House Cleaning is tough but cleaning behind the toilet is even tougher. There is so little room to move between the wall and the bowl. Molds might be forming and can be found in that area. It’s hard but all you can do is to toughen your gut, wear your plastic gloves, and crouch down. You can’t afford to make your branded clothes dirty so wear your comfortable and not so favorite clothes in doing House Cleaning.

Never forget those hard-to-reach places in your home. Just because they are hard-to-reach, doesn’t mean that it should be left out. Include it in your regular cleaning routine once a month or so. Use the appropriate tools in cleaning in order to avoid damage or scratches in the areas that you will be cleaning. Also, be careful in climbing ladders or any slippery floors. Safety must always be imposed.

We value every person’s needs and worries at home. Having no idea what to do with your issues at home is really hard. That’s why we’re here for you to lend a helping hand. Here in House Cleaning San Diego, we prioritize the cleanliness of your home that’s why we provide the appropriate tips for your comfortable living.