How Does Vinegar Works in Cleaning

Vinegar is renowned to used in salad dressing or a marinade for veggie salads, meat, poultry, or fish. Yet, it is also a good House Cleaning cleaner and disinfectant because it’s made from acetic acid. Since it doesn’t contain a coloring agent, white distilled vinegar is the best type for House Cleaning, aside from the fact that you can purchase it from the House Cleaning store in San Diego or any grocery store nearby.

One of the properties of vinegar is its strong odor which can be unpleasant. You may prefer to use apple cider vinegar with a slightly sweet scent. Since the previous has a darker color, you can dilute it in water before using it as a House Cleaning agent. Another way to lessen the strong odor is to add a few drops of essential oil to the vinegar-water solution.

These are some of the common uses for vinegar as House Cleaning material as recommended by the House Cleaning specialist in San Diego:

1. Glass

You can make your glass cleaner with vinegar. The ratio of water to vinegar is 1:2. Combine in a spray bottle, spray the House Cleaning solution from San Diego on the glass surface,s and wipe clean for a sparkling result.

2. Countertops

After food preparation, vinegar can be used as a natural disinfectant on your countertops. Furthermore, it removes unwanted odors from countertops. Remember not to use it on granite or marble as it can weaken the stone’s sparkle, and a natural stone cleaner can be used instead.

3. Faucets

To eliminate calcium deposits on faucets and fixtures, mix 2 teaspoons of vinegar and 1 salt. This House Cleaning solution can also remove hard water stains. To remove stubborn stains, spray fixtures and faucets with vinegar. Leave it overnight, then brush and rinse the following day.

4. Showers and tubs

Spray undiluted white vinegar over tub and shower walls to eliminate thick soap scum and mildew. Let the vinegar sit for a few minutes before scrubbing and rinsing away. Another House Cleaning trick is to combine baking soda and vinegar to create a paste and scrub away tough grime.

5. Toilets

Put 2 to 3 cups of undiluted vinegar into the toilet bowl and leave for up to 3 hours. Use a House Cleaning toilet brush to scrub, then flush. This helps remove rings and freshen the toilet.

6. Floors

You can only use vinegar on no-wax linoleum and ceramic tile because it can damage others due to its natural acid. Make a solution of 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 gallon water for linoleum and 1/2 cup vinegar to 1-gallon water for ceramic tile.

7. Dishwasher

Pour 1 cup of vinegar into the rinse compartment and let the dishwasher run for an entire cycle. This process will make breakthrough soap scum in a dishwasher.

8. Laundry

Use distilled white vinegar to get rid of fabric odor and stains. Strictly use white vinegar only, or you might stain your clothes. Put 1 cup of vinegar into the wash cycle.

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