How to Clean Sink Quickly and Thoroughly by House Cleaning San Diego

It is always our desire to live in a clutter-free, neat, and tidy abode. Nothing feels better than having to stay in a home that gives you peace of mind instead of contributing to your inner chaos. If you keep on desiring without moving a finger to achieve what you want, you will never live comfortably knowing that your home is a total mess. House Cleaning maintenance will do a lot of wonders to your home and life. Always remember that a happy and quality life begins at home.  

House Cleaning San Diego will help you achieve your goal of sleeping, staying, and eating comfortably at your abode. Doing a regular house cleaning will save you lots of energy and trouble in the present and future.  

Look around you and schedule your house cleaning tasks daily or weekly. You may start doing house cleaning maintenance in your living area or kitchen room. Wander around your kitchen and look at your sink. How does it look?

Let us learn some hacks about cleaning your sink quickly and thoroughly.  

  1. It is always best to prepare before tackling your house cleaning duties. Grab the following house cleaning materials and products before you start: a pair of rubber gloves, non-abrasive sponge, mild dishwashing soap, warm water, baking soda, distilled white vinegar, bowl, lemon, toothbrush, hydrogen peroxide, and salt.  
  2. Free your sink from kitchen wares like utensils, plates, bowls, etc. Remove any food splatters and residue as well. Drain or empty the sink strainer of any food scraps and toss them straight to the garbage bin.  
  3. Get a bowl and pour an ample amount of water onto it. Mix dishwashing soap with warm water to create your house cleaning sink agent. Submerge the non-abrasive sponge in the mixture and scrub the basin of the sink followed by the walls. Clean the sink and the walls gently to avoid any sink scratches and peel-offs in painted walls. 

    You may also try the method of washing your sink by scrubbing the sink’s basin with baking soda and a soft sponge. It is safe to use baking soda if you do not want any scratches on your sink and basin.  
  4. Once scrubbing is over, you should work on rinsing the sink using distilled white vinegar. Apart from sparkling your sink, vinegar also disinfects surfaces and helps eliminate bacteria and germs. Scrub the sink with vinegar, and then rinse the sink with warm water.  
  5. To keep your basin polished and fresh, you have to rub the whole sink using a lemon or orange peel. Orange peels serve as a disinfectant and sanitizer.  
  6. If you want the sparkle to last, polish your sink with a clean microfiber cloth and an ample amount of olive oil. You have to polish your sink before applying the drain refresher.  

Our House Cleaning team in San Diego has experts who will help you tackle your daily house cleaning tasks. 

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