How to Clean Your Bedroom Closet By House Cleaning San Diego

You went home from a long day at work. You were too tired to turn the lights on. Then, you stumbled over your laundry basket. Then, you reached your bed, only to be found lying on a pile of ironed clothes you left this morning but forgot to return them in the closet. Just when you were about to put them back, you realized your wardrobe is all messed up, and you no longer have any space. If this is your daily scenario, then it’s time to do some House Cleaning.

Let’s start with your Bedroom Closet.

It may take hours, or even a day of House Cleaning, depending on how many clothes you have, but you’ll be gleaming with happiness when it’s done. Follow through House Cleaning San Diego tips and see how much change there will be. Please spare some time for donations, too, because we know you’re going to have lots of them after.

Tip #1. Take everything out of the closet.

Yes, everything. Start from zero. Cleaning your bedroom closet doesn’t only mean organizing your clothes. It also means cleaning the whole closet anatomy, especially if you haven’t done House Cleaning it for a long time. Ensure you have enough space in your bedroom, as this can be a tough start. It can also be an excellent time to take a look at all your clothes. Human as we are, we tend to reuse the same old set of clothes every month. Time to mix and match!

Tip #2. Sort them out.

Anything that no longer makes you feel good, donate. You read it right. House Cleaning San Diego says it is time to finally let go of “throwback skinny days” jeans and clothes. Most significantly, if you aren’t working on yourself to be skinny again. Chances are, it’ll be kept in your closet for years until it wears out. If you have time, try them on and imagine yourself walking in the mall with them. If it does feel good and confident, keep it. If not, give it away. Somebody else might feel beautiful with it.

Tip #3. Maximize your closet’s space.

Bedroom closets are often designed vertically. Thus, there will be areas wherein shelves are too high to reach. Get creative with it and use it to your advantage. If you badly need that space, look for a stool chair or a fancy step ladder that will look cool in your bedroom. If not, use that space to store seasonal clothing and heavy jackets. Opt for rattan baskets or closed containers. Seasonal clothes are prone to dust if not stored correctly, and House Cleaning isn’t done regularly. If you have more shelves than hanging space, roll your clothes or fold them. Closet ideas are limitless.

To keep your bedroom closet looking clean and organized, follow House Cleaning San Diego’s tips every six months. You’ll be surprised to have acquired a new House Cleaning habit.

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