How to Clean Your Toothbrush Holder by House Cleaning San Diego

Look around and you’ll easily spot which are scheduled for House Cleaning today. From the living room to the kitchen, down to the bathroom, and the bedrooms last. Voila! House Cleaning checklist complete! But, have you ever checked the nastiest little details of each room? We bet, not.

Today, House Cleaning San Diego will give some tips on how to clean the most often overlooked item… your toothbrush holder. This, at all times, should be kept clean, as it holds your toothbrush when not in use. Maintaining the cleanliness of our toothbrush storage is important for our oral care.

Toothbrush Storage and Maintenance

Where should our toothbrushes be put after using them?

Bacteria breeds perfectly in moist areas. As far as House Cleaning is concerned, all parts of the house should ideally be kept dry. So, it is extremely important to let your toothbrush dry completely and keep it upright. Don’t hide it on the farthest part of your kitchen cabinet or drawer where air isn’t permissible – to avoid brushing bacteria all over your teeth. Gross, we know.

Where’s the ideal place to install a toothbrush holder?

As long as your toothbrush holder is away from your toilet and sink, your toothbrush should be fine. Whether you just did House Cleaning and your toilets look sparkling clean, make it a habit to close the lid to avoid water vapor deposits falling on your toothbrush holder. Same as the sink, where we wash our filthy hands, it is also unsanitary as water may splash on it, too.

How often do I clean the toothbrush holder?

The House Cleaning San Diego team suggests you do it at least once a week. It’s as important as your toilet. The areas and items in the house that are frequently used are the dirtiest ones.

How do I clean my toothbrush holder?

What you will need:

  • Hot water (Hot water helps a lot in House Cleaning. It does not only dissolve filth faster, but it can also kill germs.)
  • Antibacterial dishwashing liquid or mouthwash
  • A brush that will fit the bottom holes of the holder (Reminder: Do not use the same brush for overall House Cleaning. )


  1. Soak it in a basin of boiling water and toss in a few drops of your antibacterial dishwashing liquid or mouthwash, whichever is available. Ensure that it is completely submerged.
  2. Once water temperature is bearable to touch, start scrubbing the insides and all over the toothbrush holder. Don’t stop until gunk has completely disappeared.
  3. Rinse it with hot water.
  4. Last, run it through the dishwasher on a normal cycle.

A clean home has a lot of benefits to both our physical and mental health. House Cleaning seems to be a lot of work but it is the best way to keep our families safe. House Cleaning San Diego Team suggests you invest in a toothbrush holder that is easy to clean as it can get gross over time.

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