How to Wash Towels | House Cleaning San Diego

We have to admit it. We may become obsessed with cleaning and decluttering. Schedule-permitted, we would probably opt to do House Cleaning once or twice a week.

Housekeeping includes dusting, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, House Cleaning; and to cap it off, linen changing. Yes, our bed sheets and towels should be regularly changed as these are the best breeding spots of bacteria. Towels, in particular, absorb our sweat and after-bath germs. We suggest washing towels every three to four days, if feasible.

 Now, “How should we wash our towels?” Well, fortunately for you, House Cleaning San Diego divulged the secrets to towel care.

How to Wash Towels

Wash colored towels in warm water

Just like clothes, colored towels should be washed in warm water with linens on resembling shades to avoid bleeding. Detergents can already cause buildup after numerous washes. Adding a fabric softener will even create a barrier to washing. Warmer water tends to take in cleaning detergents better. Launder as usual using a normal wash cycle.

 House Cleaning Tip: Ditch your Fabric Conditioner.

 Utilize your baking soda and white vinegar

For a more natural approach, House Cleaning San Diego encourages households to use readily-available house cleaning products. Two of which are Baking Soda and Vinegar. Baking soda can’t only make your towels soft, it has also been proven to get rid of unwanted odors. Thinking, you haven’t laundered for a week… imagines the smell of a piled-up laundry basket. Gross! Vinegar, on the other hand, dissolves excess detergent residuals.

 Warning: Do not combine these ingredients in one load as it can cause a laundry hazard due to chemical reactions. Wash with vinegar first, then eliminate the pungent odor with baking soda on the second load.

 House Cleaning Tip: Forget about your Detergent on this one. Though we advise, you only do this once every five washes.

 Throw in that dryer ball

House Cleaning San Diego found out that dryer balls cannot just soften your towels; they can also get rid of static! Scientific, huh? Yes, the drying and wearing process of washing can collect enough electric charges to create disturbing static cling. So, toss it in!

 House Cleaning Tip: Dryer balls have their lifeline. But, instead of junking, reuse them! It could serve as a pincushion or a scent ball.

 Careful with bleach

Putting too much bleach on towels can cause yellowing and it may damage your towels soon. However, if deemed necessary, go for Oxygen bleach as Chlorine bleach is stronger and it might damage your wools and cotton.

 House Cleaning Tip: Goodbye Chlorine Bleach!

 There’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of taking a shower and having a soft and clean towel. But, should you have read this article with damaged towels on hand, free up your storage cabinet and donate some to your nearest local shelter.

 Better yet, our last

 House Cleaning Tip: Cut them out and use them as rags. Hope this article helps!